SS United States

I am in Philly for the next week or so working on laying up a tanker due to OPA and I am reaching out to anyone who might be able to help me out.

Is it possible to get aboard the SS United States? Can someone give me a number to call or an email address? I would like to get an up close look at her because Im sure the pictures that I have seen just dont do her justice. If you might be able to help me send me a pm. Thanks


If all else fails try dazzling the guard with your TWIC/MMD. It worked for me and I was able to get on the pier.

tibird0041 - Hope you find a way to get aboard. I was fortunate enough to to a west bound crossing on the SS United States in '63. What I wouldn’t do to take that trip again!

The last time I saw her was in '87 when I was delivering a boat to FL via the ICW. We had gone outside, then came in at Norfolk VA. I had lost track of where she was, but recognized her and was was delighted to see her there, even if she was in moth balls.

Did you see the article recently in Professional Mariner?

Kind of sad to see the peeling paint in the article photo. I have one somewhere of that stack nicely painted, and the steam coming out of the horn. I need to dig through some of my old slided to dig out some old photos.

Good luck!