Alaska Tanker Company

I see from numerous news outlets that OSG has bought out its partners in the Alaska Tanker Company (which I believe were BP, Keystone and MTL). Does anyone know what this means for the crews and shore-side staff?

I always thought the laid-up tanker should be employed running from Texas to the EC. With BP no longer calling the shots perhaps it will. Hopefully that would keep some of the Texas oil in the States instead of being exported in foreign flag tankers.

The problem with those ships is that they’re really just too big for a lot of east coast ports. I cadet shipped there, and we’d be arriving Long Beach at between 60 and 65 feet of draft. I don’t know how economical it is to run them around with half loads.

Also the partners were BP, OSG, and Keystone.

Back in the day they used to lighter tankers on the East Coast to get in. Maritrans I believe, Don’t companies still do that?

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OSG dose, they have the OSG HORIZON/351 and OSG VISION/350 in Delaware bay. The vision has been sent to the gulf for work since the Sunoco explosion in Philly wiped out half their work but the horizon grinds on at big stone anchorage…

OSG bought out the other interests in ATC, but it will operated as a subsidiary of OSG and pretty much nothing is supposed to change.

OSG has also bought the 3 ships that are still active, and have right of first purchase for the one that’s laid up.

Like @z.captain said, those ships are far too big for the Gulf/EC to run. Nobody has any draft for one of them.

I wonder why they would want 3 tankers able to carry 1.3 million barrels each when BP’s (now Hilcorp) production is under 100,000 barrels a day. Isn’t Long Beach 12 days round trip? Puget Sound is 6, no? This also must also mean that BP is buying all of the oil they just sold to Hilcorp. I guess the good news is that it isn’t being shipped to Asia in foreign bottoms.