Heard on the grapevine today that Vane scooped up Kseas NY contracts from under them. Any truth? yet another nail in the Ksea coffin?

Not quite correct. Vane snaked all the bunker work from KSEA in NY harbor. From what I have been able to discern they are now doing a fair share of bunker work in Philly. I am not sure how this would affect terminal to terminal work and their big boat, long haul work is still in place. With Kirby money behind them they are in a state of active change.

Mark my words, Within two years the Kirby Group will take over most of the NY bunkering work. Vane will shoot its self in the foot again.

Ther 333 union contract ends June 30th. It will be interesting to see if Kirby keeps the union in there or not. As far as work for the boats, I came from Kirby and with the money and connections they have I see them having no problem finding work for those vessels!

With the rates Kirby pays for people in the gulf and what KSea pays under the union I dont see it happening.

im at vane and most certainly not a kool aid drinker (you would be amazed at the amount of brain washed kool aiders are here), any rate that is the word here that they are putting ksea down. and i was just trying to get some unbiased thoughts on it. thanks fellas.