Kirby inland marine employment and training

I just wanted to know what some think about this company. Anyone currently employed with this company have any info on there entry level program? I want to get into this industry but I want to go about it the right way. Is this solid starting point? Do the help with credentials? How fast can I move up on the ladder. Any info would be great. Other company info with similar programs would also be great.

IMO Kirby has bitten off more than they can chew for the moment. They bought up a bunch of smaller companies on the east coast and are still trying to get them to work.

I understand. Do you have any advice on how to get started in this kind of work? Schools are kinda not an option right now for me but I want to get started as soon as I can. Any OS jobs or other entry level postions that I should seek? I’m open to going anywhere I need to get started.

Have you called kirby directly?

By email.i plan to call by the end of the week.

Solid. They help as much as you work on it yourself. I know one guy who made it from OS to captain in 5 years.

It’s a GREAT place. To get a start.

BUT… There is a reason they have a large training program.

There turnover is high.

Their pay is


For an os. What would be low pay to you?

$130 a day or less.

130/day OUCH!!!

Better money than I make now. I guess for the nature of the job its low. I would bust ass for that though. I’m sure benefits are pretty good to. I don’t have anything like that now either.

That’s approx 31000 a year for working 8 months.

Kirby is a great place to get a start at. Get a tankerman PIC, or A.B. THEN QUIT. For greener pastures.

Both my tankerman are Kirby alumni. Kirby trained and licensed. One related that when he was at Kirby he applied to the Mate/Pilot program. Then he found put he could make MORE being a tankerman in NYC than Kirby EVER paid a mate/pilot! He promptly quit Kirby and came to NY. So think of Kirby as a spring board to a career, not the destination!

Kirby does have an inhouse training program, that will get you a tankerman PIC. They also have a inhouse steersman program that will get you some type of a small mate or OUTV license. There are time requirments for going through there programs, meaning you have to be there for 6 months or so before they will train you as tankerman, and 18 months or maybe more to get the mate license. They do pay for the training which is done at there own training center in Houston. Kirby is the largest inland red flag barge operator in the United States, it is a big corporation, and you will be a number there at best. The pay is kind of middle of the road for inland tug and barge work, which is pretty low compared to offshore. They have several different types of barges, everything from asphalt, to refined products, to chemical. It is a good place to get some experience. There are a lot better options out there after a few years in the biz though.

When I was starting out (2009) Kirby had 1200 applications on file for OS. Maybe its changed

Okay. So this place could be a good place to start. Get some know how and then seek something else. Does anybody know about the kind of travel expencises? By that I mean will they pay to get to work. I’m in virginia

Usually captains and chiefs are the only one’s companies fly. May be different at that company but I highly doubt. It wouldn’t be cost effective for a company to fly a person to work when they can hire people around these areas that can drive

Iirc, there was an extensive thread about this on here a year or so ago. Have you searched for Kirby using the search function?

Yea. I will look through the threads. My uncle works on a tug. Thr company pays for his travel. Prob because he has been there 15 years. It would be hard to travel to texas or ny or any place farther than one state away for me right now. But I will do what I have to do to get work

Try applying for Kirby offshore Marine. Kirby Bought K-sea and there may be an OS opportunity out of NY

Ok. Thanks for the info