Pay questions

Can someone tell me what Kirby Ocean Marine pays tankermen/ABs and is the schedule 2/2? Are they hiring? I’ve looked online, and on here, but can’t find much about them. The website just list a payscale for inland stuff, this isn’t the same scale for the ATB’s is it?Thinking of making a move. Is anyone hiring tug AB/ tankermen for ATBs now?

Depends on the division. Pacific pays lead tankermen a pretty healthy pay rate. Their ATB’s actually rate a little less. Hawaii division is less than Pacific, but rumors are that pay will equalize among all offshore divisions. No matter which division, tankermen in the offshore fleet make more than inland. Schedule varies by division as well.

I work for kirby the fl division and the AB tankerman make $270 to $285 I work on a offshore tug

Kirby bought k-sea so try to get with k-sea I heard they make more money.

Kirby Offshore Marine formally K-Sea pays an AB tankerman $383 a day on an ATB and $288 for AB deckhand working on harbor boats. There is longevity pay as well. $20 for 3 years of service. $40 for 5 years of service and $50 for eight years. This is from the old contract. There are ongoing negotiations with the newly formed bargaining committee Richmond Terrace.

Do you or does anyone else know what mates are making with Kirby? Inland and offshore?

Inland mates are around $445 a day from my understanding

Kirby Offshore : 466.80 harbor mate and 497.55 mate on ATB. (Still based off 2009 contract and does not include longevity .

What about while in training? I heard something about a 1 year training program for their river pilots. Are those wages based on post training or is that the standard even while you are in training?

It’s less and 1 year is a rough estimate. It sounds like you need to talk to Kirby, not gcaptain

I think it’s good to ask both. Thanks for your input.

How do you figure its good to ask both?

So you can get the rumors from here and the b.s. sandwich from the HR dept

It’s part of researching a career. You can’t do yourself any injustice by asking questions about a possible employer on here. That was a good question though. Thanks for your responses!

Asking about the boats, the river, the training and even the crew changes are part of career research. I can understand trying to get the skinny on companies from people who work there, but asking about pay is something the company deals with. If I say they make $1000 a day training, would you believe me?

No I would not believe you. I still feel the question is completely warranted on gcaptain. Thank you for your opinion.

Cool your jets C.Captain Jr. He is allowed to ask any questions he wants.

I think knowing what the pay is up front is very important, both for the employer and the employee. There have been several times where I was in a situation where I felt like I wasted my time and theirs because once I found out about pay and benefits I was done talking. I know many of you have applied at places and the process is painstaking to get to the point where you talk about salaries and then it is not sufficient. It is an awkward thing to ask about salary in the beginning negotiations. If you know going into an interview or before applying what the salary is it takes off some of the unknown factor. I think company salaries should be more transparent, more publicly advertised. I mean what is the big deal? If there is seniority pay then let that be known. I am a big believer in seniority or retention pay. Rewarding personnel that have been with the company for many years is important to me. And for heaven’s sake why don’t these companies just cover all medical benefits (luckily mine does)? It can add up to several hundred dollars a month back in your pocket.

Yes daddy, I’m sorry.

I don’t know what is wrong with some of these guys. Some think wages and all should be a big secret, but I" ll try to help in any way I can with the questions you have. You would think they were never in the same spot you are in.
The wages I listed are with Kirby Offshore, formally K-Sea. We are different then the Kirby Inland that operates in the rivers with their pilot training . Their wages are different from ours. Kirby Offshore in the past usually promoted within. It usually went from deckhand to tanker man to second mate working on an ATB. From there the second mates are waiting for an opportunity to go into mate training on a harbor boat. Then it’s mate on a harbor boat and then Chief Mate on an ATB. Some opt to stay in the harbor because they don’t wish to do cargo. Hope this helps.