Working for OSG

Has anyone worked for OSG? Either their tanker fleet or ATB fleet? Have been considering jumping over there as a 3rd mate. I know they are non union for deck officers on their tankers and AMO for their ATB fleet. How is the company to work for? Is the equipment up to date? How is the pay and where do you run? Any insight on the company is appreciated.

Not anymore.

Can say that their CEO would love to get work visas for foreign mariners and outsource our jobs. Wouldn’t apply there no matter how desperate for a job I was….wuth that greed monger running the show!

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Yes they are.

The ATC ships voted for MMP.

There has been no vote on the OSG ships yet.

The ATB fleet is a shit show, undercrewed and under paid. If you are AMO take literally any other 3rd mate job off the board if you need a change of scenery. They have a couple brand new barges and a couple barges that have seen better days. Gulf fleet is paid even less, lightening fleet take a special breed of crazy.

Cant speak for the mate side. I worked there as an engineer on thier tanker fleet for a few years when jobs were scarce.

Start time 0600 - 1930. So a 13 and a 1/2 hour work day with breaks in between. Pay is on the mid to lower scale for union contracts. Almost no port time, they make it nearly impossible to get to the gate. Way different culture than box boats.

Good luck.

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Every ex-OSG guy I’ve met at MMP says it’s a toxic work environment with miserable senior officers, despite decent wages. One went so far to say the Master of his tanker would not allow the 2M or 3M to speak to him in any way or for any reason unless spoken to and even made them sit with cadets on the mess far from the senior officers.

Talk about unprofessional — I told him I’d have talked to the old man as often as possible just to piss him off.

But… everyone else’s mileage may vary.

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Isn’t that part of bridge resource management…? [/SARCASM]


I mean, there’s no “far” in the mess. There’s two tables. Some ships it’s deck and engine, some ships it’s “adults and kids.”

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I’ve ever been on their ships so I don’t know. But to draw a line like that between yourself and your officers is…. petty.

I asked him for clarification and all he said was “Overseas New York, hope the guy’s dead.” So clearly not a popular Captain.

Yea that guys gone.

The ship side has been covered by others, the ATBs have had continual manning problems and recent negotiations for licensed and unlicensed were fruitless and last i heard at a stalemate

Aren’t the OSG tugs an inland division?

They show up on the board.

The only tugs I’ve ever seen on the board are the former US Shipping boats. Maybe they just don’t come up often.

Yes, but from what i gather if you have an unlimited license you can go back and forth. Or maybe deep sea can work inland at least. Really dont know how I ended up there, but my dues never changed. Just like how ive got buddies going from deep sea to fill in on non-pilot jobs on the lakes.

Honestly it would solve a lot of problems if they took people off the board, but they insist on running like tugs, unlike the old USS rigs that pretend to be ships. It takes months to cut loose a 3rd mate as opposed to just calling the CM for anything other than watching cargo go in the tank.

I’ve said this about far to many companies I was warned to stay away from.

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Wages you’d have to pay me to work for OSG:

3rd ~ 1500/day
2nd ~ 1800/day
CM ~ 2200/day
Capt ~ 2600/day

Dead serious, and even then I’d have to think about it. For average/a little less than average wages as they pay now, and 10x the BS, not a chance. Someone has to do it though.

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