anybody know anything about osg deep sea fleet? i’m not talking the amo itbs, but the deep sea boats. i’m curious about payscales, benefits, etc…i’ve never heard a bad thing about them, but its kinda hard to find info about them.

new to the site…love it!

As far as I know all the OSG vessels under US flag are SIU for unlicensed crew, dunno about the ossifers.

One of the best contracts SIU has. Never worked for them but heard from others that it’s a very good company to work for. I would assume that that goes for the rest of their fleet.

Im starting to wonder if I should give up on the tugs and just go deep-sea. Does anyone know what an AB in SIU would make, in general??

[B]Have you been to their website ? It’s easy to navigate and plenty there. [/B]
[B]welcome to the site… we love it too.[/B]

Engine officers are MEBA and deck officers are OSG employees. I’ve heard good things from my friends that sail there. The ships are all recently built if not brand new.

Worked on a few west coast ships in the 90s. Guess things haven’t changed. Great pay and great feeders. Weren’t the deck offs D2 along with Keystone? Now that they are non-union in the wheelhouse, maybe a good way to go from American mate to sail their foreign tankers, especially the LNGs,which IMO are the future of tankers.

[QUOTE=KennyW1983;47227]Im starting to wonder if I should give up on the tugs and just go deep-sea. Does anyone know what an AB in SIU would make, in general??[/QUOTE]

Depends on the contract. Anywhere from 5 to 10k a month including vacation pay. Also, a lot of guys collect unemployment when on the beach which can be as much 2k+ in some states.

I don’t work for them but I have a couple friends who do and love it. From what I understand the pay is pretty good. Deck officers are non-union, engineers are MEBA, and unlicensed are SIU.

MEBA engineers, Non union mates, and SIU unlicensed. They are always looking for mates since they need to hire for themselves. Lots of expansion in the engine department but they need to go through the union. They built so fast that just about anyone with the license was able to move up. Starting to flatten out a bit now that they have built all the ships. Some upper guys are retiring, so there is still room for expansion. The SIU guys say it one of the best contracts, but at times they have a hard time filling pumpman slots. They do have a pool with the SIU and the right to hire 2AE, 1AE and Chengs who are MEBA members.