Was sitting on the Upper East side when I spotted this

I was sitting on the Upper East Side, when I spotted a DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) sewage tanker loaded to the brim.

Anyone know if they are below the load line?

I’m not sure but, I believe that the Load Line does not even come into play until they hit either Sea or the Sound. When I was up there it was common to see barges loaded decks to leaving ship side and heading to a dock to discharge.

Those Sewage Tankers no longer go to sea and I believe they just move it from one dock to another. Years ago, I worked on a Disposal Tanker and that company (the Dragon Lady) was known to “Push” the limits on what we carried but we went to sea to dump.

When you tell guys on that barge they’re full of shit, they don’t get mad, they immediately check the freeboard.

That looks like a normal load for those new ones. They aren’t all that deep to begin with.

Yeah that looks normal to me too.

Hard to tell from the photo, but it may not even HAVE a load line.