Sludge Tanker NYC

Anybody know more about these these jobs? I’ve heard they are under the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and solid jobs. I’m wondering about the pay… I have heard the schedule is 3 days on and 3 days off. If anybody could provide some intel that would be awesome!

I can’t respond regarding sludge. I do remember some radio traffic saying " Two lunch boxes on the head". Those dudes were a-ok and excellent boat handlers. Was trash, not sludge.

One problem with those jobs is that you are required to live in NYC and pay NY state and NYC income tax. After taxes, those jobs don’t pay enough to cover the cost of living decently in NYC.

Some of the sludge tankers are decent looking little ships, but some are basically self propelled barges with a pilot house.

The jobs require unlimited tonnage licenses. I think Inland is probably enough.

That’s the tankers im talking about, yes

How can I find out how much? From what I understand, it’s a city job and you can actually make a pretty decent amount in OT.

It’s City civil service job. The wages and benefits are public information. It’s probably on a city website.

Tugsailor, sounds like a decent job, but as you say, living in NYC is hellish regarding taxes and housing. Many of my son’s former classmates (and parents) have headed south to preserve their income/retirement from the state. Connecticut is even worse.

I’m sure the taxes take their toll - but you do get a pension and you can always move after holding down the job for 20 years! I’m trying to find out about OT, day to day life, etc.

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I know - I’m more concerned with day to day ops, length of time to wheelhouse, OT availability etc

Not selling by anyway. Quite a few unions offer decent pensions if that is your main concern, (of course pay) some better than others. AMO has worked out quite well for me, with medical and other things. You thinking ahead is smart. Go for the bucks while being away from family, but protect your future. Nobody gives a shit how you got there.Sludge,trash, oil, etc, look forward, as you seem to be doing.

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Unless that was adopted in the past 20 years and existing staff were grandfathered, I’m not sure it’s correct. I have several friends working there who live on Long Island and in Westchester county.

Anyway you can hook me up with one of them to talk about the gig?

No. But I will tell them about this discussion and they can participate if they choose to. One of them is an occasional poster here, so I assume if he hasn’t joined the discussion it’s because he doesn’t want to.


I respect that! Gotta shoot my shot either way!

Try looking around here Local 2906, NYC Marine Workers (

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Thank you

My recollection of a job posting that I saw a few years ago is that they require living in the City. Perhaps I misremember.

You probably remember correctly. It appears that all city employees must now live in the city for their first 2 years of employment, after that they may also live in one of the NYC suburban counties.

I worked the NYC garbage barges for Moran, years ago. I enjoyed the week on/week off.
You get good at barge work with 1000HP single screws.

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