Going back this fall

After 2yrs I’m done fighting the weather, log markets, to be honest I actually kind of miss the boats. I’ve talked to a couple friends from Reinauer, she is sitting on extra engineers, Poling may have a spot at somepoint. Does anyone have a bad thing to say about Harley as far as engineer or tankerman? I’m not desperate, plan to finish up a job and go back the end of Oct, really haven’t been on here much to see how bad things are out there.

Be careful going to Harley. Beware.

Great to see you back barge monkey!

I’ll bet I’m one of very few that’d want to sit in Dutch with … ?that salvage boat outfit that often needs a engineer. I’ve never done it but always thought I’d have no problem with that for a while?

I think it’s the same shit everywhere, just have never heard much about them, haven’t seen NYC harbor in 2yrs and don’t hear any of the gossip. They have to pay close to the other places I assume ?

I just saw an ad for Mac looking for an engineer in New Haven, it might be a day boat though, you’d have to check.