Harley Job Postings

Harley has posted another large block of jobs. Apparently, the same jobs that they have posted before. Some of these jobs, such as the port captain in Alaska, have been posted off and on for at least a year. Does Harley really have this much turnover? Or are they just collecting resumes to fill empty file cabinets?

From those with actual work experience at Harley, what is Harley like to work for?

I have been curious about this as well. I’ve applied when they have had engineer postings…entertaining the thought of getting back on tugs. I called them and was referred to the online app.

I spoke to them 1yr ago about an engineers job in NYC. The answers where candid, to get any information seemed like pulling teeth. I see the equipment in NY hang on the mooring ALOT more than I see it work. I was wondering the same thing the other night after seeing a ton of jobs posted by them. Vane has the bunker work in NY with a strangle hold, but I guess for Harley to keep some contract on the west coast they had to send some stuff over here, thats the story I got from a tankerman working there.

They had posted for a dispatcher in NY chronically. I haven’t seen that one lately. Have never heard anything about anyone who’s worked there though. It looked like they were paying mates around $575 a day including travel pay?

Crowley was always posting for a port captain in Valdez too…maybe what happens when you put a fresh academy grad in charge of boat guys? Normal companies have a guy with some real experience rivaling the most experienced sailing captains filling that role.

They are SIU in NY harbor.

Be very, very careful shipmates!!!

The fact that their adds keep popping up even when they are not hiring speaks volumes about the total mismanagement and criminal neglect from the top to the bottom in that company.

I made the mistake of taking a job with the “Gulf Division”.

It was a cluster fuck from beginning to end.
The Port Captain is an idiot and he works out of a run down ass trailer way back in behind San Jac fleet in water that is too shallow to even get the boats in.

The wheelmen that they hired are criminally incompetent and had no idea wtf they were doing or how to be a captain on a liquid tow. No tankerman tickets so no idea how to manage tankermen or lay down the law to a totally incompetent office staff.

We were trying to give Buffalo Marine a run for their money…HA…ROFLMFAO!!! We fell flat on our faces before we got to the starting line.
Our big customer was “Nustar” who upon every turn we stepped on our peckers in front of.

We had to take our own gauges using our tankermen who were incompetent and had never gauged their own barges before. Then our final gauges we had to take in rough seas or while the barge was not trimmed right or even underway in the ship channel.

Every job we did ended up with a LOP.
We had no “meter” like Buffalo marine and we might as well been throwing a dart at a dart board for actual product transferred.

Back then the boats were brand new but not fully finished in the shipyard before breaking them out. Our potable water tanks were full of uncured paint.
Taking a shower was like bathing in paint thinner.
Wheelhouse electronics were not installed properly or even finished being installed.

The hydraulics were either not taped at all or they used white Teflon tape instead of yellow.
They leaked terribly and no scupper plugs were in the rudder room house allowing our leaking hydraulic fluid to mix with seawater and go over the side even after it was brought to the attention of the leadership who then accused a certain person of “sabatoge” or doing that on purpose. Really!?!
Who installed the hydraulics to begin with? Who shitcanned the scupper plugs thinking “we don’t need those stupid things”.

Our fuel systems leaked terribly into the bilge that was pumped right over the side.
When certain persons tried to do the right thing and report the spills that certain person was accused of “sabotage” and escorted off the boat. LMFAO

We had acts of sabotage on the shitter of all things, spills, USCG incidents, and on and on it goes.
What a fucking nightmare. It was a total waste of a month of my time.

Every move the office made was underhanded and sneaky.
Complaining to the higher ups or other divisions only lead to head hunting the informant.

Talk smack after leaving them and they have their attorneys send you a letter threatening to sue you.

I am surprised they are still in business especially in the gulf.

I hear the West coast division is a lot more professional but I wouldn’t know.

Yes, be weary, very weary…you can defiantly do better unless you like being stabbed in the back and shit on.
Fucking insanity…

I worked for Starlight about 5 years ago. It is a division of Harley in SF bay. The pay was ok, the med benefits were good. They are SIU, but do not participate in the SIU medical plan. I am an A/B Unl. Tankerman. I understand that they will be coming out with an ATB fleet VERY SOON. I don’t know the pay. It was not as bad as Veslog expirenced, but what he said does not surprise me. We used them to bunker a few weeks ago, and the guys all said that no one wants to move to the ATB fleet. There may be alot of openings soon.