Harley and Kirby Offshore NYC

Anyone know what kinda hitches Harley NYC and Kirby Offshore NYC work? Or starting deckhand O/S pay? Thanks!

As long as the old K-Sea cronies are still running K.O.M. they’ll be a right pain to work for/with. They have a lot of equipment, some of it even nice now that it’s not all K-Sea equipment, but they’re so disorganized from all their recent acquisitions they hardly even know which end of their tugs go in which end of their barges at the moment. I’m not sure that any company office really treats it sailors that well but K.O.M. seems to set the industry standard of pain and frustration.

I’m not saying don’t work for them, a job is a job and we all need the money whether we say we do or not, I’m just saying fore-warned is fair-warned. On the up note there’s almost as many really great guys who work there as there are outright douche-bags so you may well get with a good crew who treats you like family and you’ll never want another job again. But there’s still the chance you could end up on the ship from hell…

I’m not really sure that K.O.M. is hiring right now because I heard that when they sold all that equipment to Vane Bros. last month they didn’t send any of the crews with it so I think they may have a shortage of equipment and a surplus of guys but you can try anyway! If that is true about K.O.M. though it would mean that Vane is hiring so try them too! Tom Lamm is a decent fellow and I’m sure he’d talk to you about a position at Vane.

Which ever route you choose, good luck!

They suck to deal with and always have. The kirby change has only added to the hassle factor.

I would head to Baltimore and apply to Vane before going to Kirby. Harley has what, 2 tugs and 3 barges in NYC ? Maybe someone else knows more about them. For a first time OS job, take whatever you can and go from there.

Was hired by K-Sea now Kirby NY back in 2001 until 2007. I started there as AB/Tankerman, they gave me the opportunity to obtain an engineer license and work my way up to Chief for them. Say what you want but they’ve given many in NY Harbor their starts as Mates, Engineers and First Tankerman ( I dare not say Barge Captain because it’s a fictitious title). It’s a place where you can start off as an OS and work your way up to the Wheelhouse or into the Engineroom. Ed Pickman is the guy to talk to over there. If you are hired as an OS, work over, take the money and advance yourself. The office won’t forget you working over and you’ll advance.

Thanks everyone