It’s patriotic to complain about government waste, fraud and abuse. It’s patriotic to complain that we are paying too much in taxes to fund it.


The only way your post is tangentially related to the OP topic is that serving on a Board is in fact a way to get rich. As such I feel I can respond even though it might drive this train further off the tracks.

I don’t understand this fascination with how much Burisma paid Hunter or what his qualifications were vis-a-vis their industry - oil and gas. Take for example ExxonMobil. Here is the background of the first four people listed on their BoD: Health Care, Printers, Pharmaceuticals, and Life Insurance. Here’s the background of the Advisor to the President for Middle East Peace Plan, Jared Kushner: Real Estate development and President’s Son-In-Law. Which of those two do you think got him the job? So was Hunter hired because his father was VP, absolutely. Is that a conflict of interest, absolutely. Corruption or illegal, not at all.

As to VP Biden withholding aid to fire a prosecutor? First, he was fired for himself being corrupt and not investigating corruption, including at Burisma. Second, it wasn’t some personal decision. Biden did so at the request of: US State Dept, All G-7 nations, the International Monetary Fund, the EU leadership. Again, bad optics and conflict of interest: absolutely. Illegal, not at all.

Reason enough for a US investigative agency or authority to open an investigation? Perhaps, though none have. Reasonable for the President to backchannel between a foreign government and his personal attorney who is not a government employee, to initiate said investigation out of site of the public? Hardly seems plausible.

That being said, if you can find a seat on a board, it is a way to Get Rich Realistically, no experience required.

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H Biden may be really good at sitting on a board: GW Bush put him on the Board of Directors of Amtrak in 2006.

What you have is a bunch of weasel’s having a fight over who is more of a weasel, while silly peasants argue over who is the worst weasel.


The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.

Garry Kasparov


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Is any body really paying attention to the impeachment trail? I know I’m not. For me, the Democrats lost any credibility after one of their highest ranking leaders defied Congress & deleted 31,000 emails, used Bleachbit & smashed devices during a Congressional investigation and nothing happened to her. Except all the Democrats still supported her, gave her another get out of jail free card & tried to put her in the same desk where her equally corrupt husband was getting his knob polished from a near underage intern while on the clock. (Yes, Lewinsky was getting paid so the taxpayers paid for Clinton to get blowjobs.) Then 2 years of non-stop, front page, leading nighly news story of the Russian Interference Investigation that apparently was all made up!?!? I read the transcript of the phone call between Trump & Ukrainian President & I think the Dems had more of a case with the made up Russian interference story. If Trump gets reelected in November we can expect him to get impeached at least 1 more time after this. If the Dems keep the house after the next midterms & Trump gets reelected he might get impeached twice more.

Republican, Democrat, Insane Trump, they are all corrupt & I think they are all impeachable for something. I don’t care anymore. All I care about is the economy, more specifically, my own economic situation. I didn’t vote for Trump but I hope we keep him because he is the only one running for President that has the American economy on the front burner. I tried to watch the Democrat debates but it seemed like a lot of them were talking nonsense on issues that no one cares about.

I’m better off than I was 4, 8 years ago & I don’t know anyone who isn’t. The U.S is going in the correct direction IMO. We are better off than we were 4, 8 years ago. Let the evil genius drive for a little longer.


Well, just as long as the trains run on time…

Of course you are referencing the Germans during Hitler’s era. As a person who didn’t vote for Trump, I was very sceptical of him & maybe I used similar Hitler references during the '16 election. Call me a hippy liberal dingbat but I was worried about going into another war & how a Trump presidency would affect minorities. But now, the African American unemployment rate is at historical lows & Trump signed historic federal prison reform laws that is more fare to minorities. Concerning my fears of WW3. Trump had ample opportunity to go to war with North Korea at the beginning of his term when NK was flying bombs over SK & Japan but instead of war he brought us closer to peace than ever before. He even visited North Korea!!! WTF!!! When Bolton & all the other war hawks wanted to bomb Iran after they downed a US droan it was only Trump who said no & that 1 downed droan wasn’t worth killing a single Iranian soldier. The same way with the recent embassy & other Iranian bombings in Iraq. I believe if it were either of the Bushes, B Clinton or Obama we would have retaliate with bombs on Iran by now. Anybody who compares Trump to Hitler needs to re-read history & expand their world view to see the big picture of things & not just through their cloudy glass of current, local political biases.

That was Mussolini, but hey…they were BFFs.


For those who haven’t been watching, here is a great short clip that summarizes how its going:
Animal House Trump Impeachment


Whoa, there, pardner. You went to H-man, not me. I’m just funnin’ and joshin’ with y’all, and y’all just gettin’ your Lulu-Lemon’s in a twist, reachin’ for the “H” word.

Think I’ll write me a book about people who get all lathered, just to hear certain politically charged words.

Hmm…What should the title be? Figured? Tigard? Scissored (no, that’s the Ellen de Generes expose I’m writing). I know! I’ll call it…

A few months ago I watched Patton again after not seeing it in about 15 years. In it Patton makes a comment to a bunch of reporters about trains running on time that made a bunch of arm chair quarterbacks back in the states get their feathers ruffled up. I thought that was what you were hinting around to. No problems here.

If you are looking for literary advice, my suggestion would to be to find another subject besides US politics, the UK royalty or anything to do with transgender rubish. Those subjects get forced feed to us from the media on an hourly basis & no one is going to pay for something that is given to them for free when they didn’t want it to start with. Stick with sex, violence, indignation & pity. Those are things people are interested in, not politics.

Anyone who watches how their hard earned tax dollars get wasted by the SWAMP in DC ought to be angry.

If the SWAMP had twice as much money to spend the results would not be any better. If they only had half as much money to spend, that might bring some hard choices and improvements.

Taking every legally available tax deduction to limit the amount of money flowing into the SWAMP is a patriotic endeavor.

Except then he did just that with a drone attack in Iraq killing an admittedly bad Iranian General, a few other Iranians and a few Iraqis. Followed by Iran bombing a US military installation, followed this week by rocket strikes on the US embassy in Iraq.

The justification for killing a foreign national in a foreign country we’re not at war with was supposed imminent attacks on four US embassies, although it wasn’t imminent enough to warn any embassies of its immanence, or even identify which ones. This is exactly the type questionable intelligence (WMD’s??) that got us into Iraq in the first place (or third place at this point)

So your concerns over this president starting yet another pissing contest in the Middle East weren’t misplaced, just premature.

I agree with that!

On Friday Dec 28th 2019 Iranian backed militias operating in Iraq used Iranian bombs & killed an American citizen working in Iraq & wounded 3 American service personnel. The next Friday an US droan bombed & killed the top Iranian General who liberal & conservative media outlets claimed was the commander of the Iranian militias in Iraq. I don’t have a problem with that. Tit for tat politics by other means. And the following week when Iran launched 40 missile over their boarder at American targets we did diddly squat in return because no Americans were injured or killed. I’m ecstatic over that. No open war with Iran. If Trump or Iran wanted an open war with each other both sides have given the other all the excuses needed. But since we aren’t that is a good indication to me that niether does. For too long Americans have forgotten the lessons Regan stumbled upon for dealing with Iran & other Middle East countries. Iran released all their hostages the day Regan took office because they feared Regan. After the Libyan terrorists downed the plane over Scotland Regan killed Gaddafi’s son & that guy stayed quite for the rest of his life. The 40 retaliatory missile didn’t kill any Americans because of the same reason the hostages were released & Gaddafi straightened up except for the fact the Iranians fear Trump & not Regan. I don’t want to be at war with Iran but I don’t want to be pretend friends with them either because their religious rooted government & society is based on hating us the infidels. Screw playing pretend friends with Iran, let them do their thing, we do ours & they be afraid of our POTUS who says he will kick their asses if they kill 1 single American just like with Regan. Peace to the world.

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I agree with you somewhat except for the part about their government and society hating us. Government yes, society not really. I know several Iranian citizens both in private life and professionally, and while obviously they don’t represent the whole, neither does their fanatical leadership.