Ex-U.S. Coast Guard employee led merchant-marine test-fixing scheme

Ex-U.S. Coast Guard employee led merchant-marine test-fixing scheme

Is this some kind of surprise?

There is a reason generals and admirals become defense contractor executives. They know better than anyone else how to manipulate the system.


I don’t think this broad was an Admiral or a General since she was checking tests and entering them into a computer.

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The higher ups go after much bigger gains.


Didn’t say she was, my point is that those closest to the process are in the best position to compromise or manipulate it to their personal benefit.

I totally agree.

Look at ABS management and tell me the fix is NOT in.

My point was this is not the General or Admiral level malfeasance.

Nobody disagreed with your point. They are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but the most easily prosecuted. The big shots cover their tracks much better, and have very good attorneys.


I feel the laws are made to protect them better.

Case in point, the OPIOID Crisis. They are pleading guilty to being complicit in killing THOUSANDS of people and none of them will spend a day on jail.

However, they will get heavily fined, fired, and get golden parachutes. Luckily for them, none of my children died.


Yep. Go rob a 7-11 and see what happens to you ! Let a street dealer sell an opioid to someone who dies from OD and he is charged with murder. Billionaire family Sackler gets rich while killing thousands? No problem. Plead guilty . Have your attorney say “Having our plea accepted in federal court, and taking responsibility for past misconduct, is an essential step to preserve billions of dollars of value for creditors and advance our goal of providing financial resources and lifesaving medicines to address the opioid crisis,” Because it is the creditors that are really important.
While your accountants prepare to pay the fine, get on your jet and go to your yacht in the Caribbean while you recover from the indignity of it all. No one goes to jail. No problem.


All men are created equal. Some men are more equal than others…


No you must have that all wrong. Opioids are made in Mexico and smuggled across the border by foreigners that come in convoys and pretend to be asylum seekers.
When that impenetrable glass wall gets build at the southern border it will all be solved.
I have that from the highest authority in the the land.


“Comrade,” said Snowball, “those ribbons that you are so devoted to are the badge of slavery. Can you not understand that liberty is worth more than ribbons?”

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Great answer.

5 yrs. and a quarter mill in fines (each occurance?) I’m sure if most of us got caught we’d pay the full price. They’ll probably get jobs counting votes in the next election. ha hhahahaha

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