High Priced Wind

Show me ANYTHING the government is involved in that DOESN’T end up costing far more than originally calculated.


Compared to what?

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Trump stopped the scam on building the airforce one planes, small step

I love me a good shit post, almost got me riled up. You’ve put as much effort into researching this as you have typing out this half baked tweet.


Should I have said trump tied to keep the cost down and did lower some costs

He will soon become an outstanding proponent of prison reform.


Thats to prevent him form making laws equal for dems and reps
Where’s pelosi and her impeach chant for bidens treason selling something to foreigners and banking 10’s of millions, did he even pay tax on that?

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Who are you replying to?


Subject: High Priced Wind

Body: Show me ANYTHING the government is involved in that DOESN’T end up costing far more than originally calculated.

This means nothing. This is literally a shitpost. I thought you, presumably a voting American, were joking or drunk when you wrote this.

Are you implying that wind itself is expensive? Does the government control the wind? I would imagine weather control would be expensive if it were in the public or private sector, but that seems to be the thing of conspiracy theories. Wind is caused by a difference in pressure and I’ve never seen a bill for it after flying a kite.

Are you trying to say wind as a renewable energy is expensive? Because it’s not… It’s cheaper than a gas fired power plant. If that’s what you’re trying to say, why do you think the government is involved? The largest wind farm the US government built is only 5 turbines and is projected to save 2 million a year in Texas.

If I’m really going to reach and color in the gaps and guess what you’re trying to say, that the cost of the offshore wind farm is going to spiral out of control because the government is involved… The government isn’t involved beyond approval and some subsidies they grant to wind already, and approval and regulation. It’s private sector. Remember, our job as American Mariners exist because of government subsidies too. Vineyard wind is a private sector project, and you sound like you haven’t researched beyond reading only headlines while grumbling to yourself that climate change is a hoax.

The Vineyard wind project already is under contract to provide electricity for about 9 cents/KWH for the next 20 years. which, from what I can tell is comparable to a gas fired plant. For reference Electricity in Mass is about 30 cents/KWH.

I am TRYING to say the equipment itself is very expensive and will only go up in price. There is also the problem of maintaining windmills surrounded by salt water. I have had a lot of experience with maintaining equipment in an “ocean environment”? My main concern was just how will the costs be handled? And I have read far too much about “Chinese” involvement in wind generated electricity. And now there are questions about a possible risk to whales that migrate up and down the coast. Also, will windmill farms be a problem for commercial fishing. I am not against windmills if the possible issues being discussed can be resolved.

You’re right, you didn’t say that. You actually didn’t say much of anything. All you actually said was the physical phenomena of wind blowing across the earths surface is expensive and it’s the government’s fault. We have no idea what you’re talking about from your original post.

The folks running the show have an extensive background running offshore wind, it’s not a new technology, there have been wind farms in the North Sea for over a decade.

Selling electricity, presumably.

GE Offshore wind is Europe based, and from what I see a lot of the parts are coming from Europe if not built in the USA.

I’m neither a windmill spokes person nor a scientist but some quick google searches show that there are mitigating efforts underway monitored by local universities, like stopping work during right whale migration.

Again from a quick google search, they seem to be rated for Cat 3, but given safety factors I’d wager they can stand much more, just not advertise it. When Harvey hit the land based turbines did fine.

There is a problem with saltwater, without fresh water the windmills could just fade away…

Wind turbines have been turning offshore NW Europe for 3 decades now:

Both salty water and strong wind there without too many catastrophise happening.
Maybe the water is saltier off USEC?

BTW; Here is the original picture of this damaged onshore turbine in Italy:

The broken blades (photo courtesy of Salvatore Manca)

Source: https://www.unionesarda.it/news-sardegna/provincia-cagliari/macchiareddu-il-maestrale-danneggia-pala-eolica-qiesog3s


Where’s the country where power price is dropping due to green power?

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Near the country where power prices are dropping due to fossil fuel use is my guess.

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Thats not a metric you can easily qualify, its like saying how many people didn’t drown last year because they were wearing life jackets. Renewables reduce exposure to volatile fossile fuel markets, so we can deduce that Europe benefited from renewable last winter, because if they were on Natural Gas, it would have been even more expensive.

We can say given the US is 20% renewable, when the price of Petroleum and Natural Gas go up, the price of energy doesnt go up as much as it could have. A little spreadsheet I made suggested a 10% savings with a 50% increase in fossile fuel prices.

The part you missed was HOW are energy prices determined, thats the elephant in the room.
The power auctions in Europe are based on the most expensive on that day.
Doesnt matter if wind supplies 99% or 1%

But we wouldn’t know how its priced if it were 100% fossil fuel… because its not, and it hasnt been for 30 years.

Sure but since when have we noticed a massive escalation in power prices?
I think the graph is closely following the installation of green power and its all up…
Even if its subsidised the subsidy is clearly going up dramatically, does that explain the cost increase?

Cost of offshore wind farm construction is falling: