Here we go industry same old BULLSHIT!

so everything I was believing that the Biden Administration was going to insure offshore wind to be a 100% American industry appears to be a steaming load of crap!



I believe both Trump and Biden realized we needed to learn from fellow countries that knew how to do this shit right. We will eventually take over, and have support, but no way shape or form can USA do it by themselves at the present time and resources.


So the USA currently does not have expertise to install wind power offshore?
Greatest country and biggest economy and don’t have the ability to install a windmill? :sweat_smile:


Yes but it may help to learn from those who have built them before to avoid costly mistake:


They could make it so that any vessels involved in the construction of offshore wind-farms can keep their non-American crew for the time being, but they also must have an American on board for every rank, so the ship would essentially have two full crews on board, the non-Americans are the main crew members actually in charge, but they are just being shadowed by Americans who will eventually replace them.

The wind-farm installation companies will just use the excuse that they can’t find any Americans with wind-farm construction experience, because there probably aren’t many. It will be a never ending catch-22 cycle, Americans won’t be able to get jobs on the Windfarm installation vessels because they don’t have the experience, but how can they get the experience if no companies will give them the opportunity, even in American waters.

I’ve heard of European ships going to Canada having a European crew and Canadian crew for the duration of their charter in Canada so it is not unprecedented. Wind-farm installation vessels usually have a massive amount of accommodations so there would be plenty cabins.

On these kind of vessels I don’t think the ships crew actually do that much, most of the actual work is done by project crew, they would have to try and make the project crew American also.

How much more expensive would the wind-farms be if they have to pay everyone American salaries? I’m guessing it makes wind farms a lot more economical to build because they can use seafarers on low salaries on the vessels building them.

I think DEME Offshore’s officers are mostly from Eastern Europe with some from North Europe, I have have no idea where the ABs are from, I am guessing they might be Filipino.

It’s going to be just like offshore drilling in the GOM. Calm down. Foreign flagged but crewed American.

Great country, I agree. Expertise, no. It is important that we learn from other peoples/countries mistakes and not be so egotistict that we know it all and can go it alone… Big money can be saved by learning the craft from others. Then perfecting it to our needs. Then perhaps go it alone. We are not ready, but getting close.


Exactly, there is no point spending lots of time and money trying to reinvent the wheel doing R&D that lots of other countries have already done.

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The classical question; who pay???

Whoever develops wind farms off the US east coast will be faced with some very different conditions to those in Europe.

That is how it was done when the offshore oil and gas industry spread around the world. Only Americans had the experience and equipment, which had been developed in the GoM.

After some time foreigners had learnt enough to take over jobs on the boats, rigs, platforms and construction yards.
Soon they built the boats and rigs required, developed equipment and technology to compete with the Americans.

Nobody said “we don’t want no foreigners here, even if that means we have to wait some years to develop our oil industry and gain the know-how”.


Bug, you are on it continuosly.Turn about is fair play in my book. We can all learn from each other, and still make bank. Well, most of us.

The US government is literally throwing $$$ TRILLIONS around for Covid recovery, infrastructure and JOBS.

It would be no problem for the government to purchase state of the art foreign wind installation vessels, or an entire foreign company, and train Americans to do this work. Americans could be trained right now on foreign projects.

And yes, government owned vessels are exempt from the Jones Act. They also remain Jones Act exempt when the government resells them to American companies.

Well something is rotten in the state of Denmark, or USA. Who can tell nowadays?

You act like building one of these things is extremely difficult! This is not like the 50’s and 60’s when marine construction was in its infancy. You might want to brush up on what’s been happening in ultra deep water for the last twenty years.

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I have, and it aint pretty.We need to learn from the early mistakes prior operators have made. coldduck, you know better.

Yes what has happened in the deep water GoM is that all the rigs and most of the boats that do anything other than bring supply are foreign flag and foreign built.

Why on earth would you believe a politician?

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Is that a rhetorical question??

What we have here is a couple guys talking out of their asses that don’t know as much as they think they do.