Turnaround time for Original issuance of 100GT License

Can anyone tell me the average wait time for the Professional Qualifications Branch is taking to do their part of the evaluation in today’s world? My MMC is in “ Ready to be evaluated “ since 10- September

I just did an upgrade. When i turned my stuff in i was told expect a 40 day turn around as long as everything was filled out correctly. It ended up being close to 40 days from the evaluator getting my app to issuance, so it was an accurate estimate.

Thanks . It’s been waiting for assignment to an evaluator for 20 days now. Hopefully it won’t be much longer. I must say that it made it through medical and safety and suitability rather quickly. Just stalled at PQEB

8/14 Emailed to REC
8/19 Accepted
8/19 Medical Certificate issued
8/26 Received at NMC
9/10 Cleared safety and suitability
10/7 Completed evaluation and issued