How long from submission to recipt of original MMC?

[B]I submitted my package for my original 100T Ticket to the Baltimore REC on 13 November. When I check the USCG website, it lists my status as “Your application for this credential completed initial processing on November 18, 2013 and is currently pending assignment to a Professional Qualifications Evaluator”. I’m just curious based on your experiences how long you think it will be before it shows up in my mailbox. Just retired from the Navy after 25 years last Friday and I have the opportunity to run a trip or two before our season closes but I need that license first.

Depends on if they find anything wrong with your app during PQEB. You could have a license sometime in the next two weeks or they might give you hoops to jump through for the next six months, unlikely though that may be. If you had everything 100% in order and you’re confident that you qualify for the license that you’ve applied for then there shouldn’t be too much trouble having it in hand in just a couple weeks.

On a more personal note, thank you for your 25 years of keeping a communist and terrorist-free roof over my head and congratulations on your very well deserved retirement.

Thanks for your service. I recognize your SN from THT. We’re a much more civilized crowd here, mostly.

As for your question, I had my last renewal back the same week, and my last upgrade took almost 6 months.

My renewal this month went from submission to approved to print in less than 3 weeks. Thanks for your service Tawn!