I have an application in for an upgrade and I was told that it is currently taking 28 days for an application to be assigned to an evaluator. The good news is that I was told it has already been screened and approved by medical and security (about 2 weeks).

I got the same message last week about my Raise in Grade. Additionally, they said that it was taking 4-8 weeks total, and that after assignment to an evaluator, it should take a week.

Compare this to the last time I renewed which took a total of 4 hours at the REC in Boston. I will be sure to tell them of the statistical increase in my wait time for my paper work to be processed in their comment form.

NMC received my app 3/10/09; and it has been pending PQEB. It went from that to Awaiting Info on 5/8/09. I forgot about the g@# d*!#& M&^#R F^#*&%G Flashing light!!! AGAIN!!!