NMC application

I just checked my app.status and it’s now saying…“For Review”…Can anyone venture a guess as to how long this will take on average?.. Thanks

probably a couple of weeks

It has gone to the Government Review Officer. He/she double checks the evaluator’s work and signs off. A call to your evaluator can sometimes expedite this process. The GRO’s don’t feel they need to speak directly to us lowly mariner types.

Mine has said awaiting evaluator assignment for 6 weeks now… I called, and they told me they were working on Aug 26. apps on monday, as mine wasnt received til Oct. 6. Looks like another 6-8 weeks of waiting.
If You have any Questions Call them…they were very polite, and answered all of my questions, and told me to call as often as I liked.

I added GMDSS to my STCW this summer and it took them TWELVE weeks to process that simple, no-fee application.

Guys, thank for the imput…I’ll be on the phone to them in the morning…I submitted on Aug 19 th ,so that’s about right I guess…

          Good thing patience is a virtue.......right??....lol

I had a similar experience as Squeaky, 11 weeks I think. I don’t know if you have an REC nearby. The folks at each REC can log on and get a record of which department checked out your file, they are privy to much more info than You and I (almost realtime). If nobody at your REC will help, call BMC Cummings at the Portland REC, he’s a good guy and he’ll tell you what is going on. Phone: 503.231.2296 Fax: 503.231.6738
He helps me all the time and I’m a pain in the ass.

Cheng, your the second person that has mentioned, what a good guy he is…I had gone to Oakland,Ca the for the first go round and Portland for the second…The Chief wasn’t in that day but it was still a much more favorable experience ,than Oakland…
Thanks for the number…

Phil Cummings, he is here to serve and he cares about what he is doing. For years the REC was run by Mrs. Barbara Flemming, now retired. They named the building after her and she pushed customer service ALL the way. Most have been there since she was King (Queen) and they have your concerns at the top of their priorities. Cummings will retire shortly but he will come back as a civilian and should be there for years to come. Call him, he will help you.

I called…The Chief was busy and Beth wouldn’t let me off the hook until I spilled my guts…She looked everything up and it was what I already knew…Maybe a few more weeks…Those folks are really good to work with…