Raise in Grade 30+days

Put in for a raise in grade 31 days ago. Nothing. Just giving a heads up to anyone that is doing the same. Seems like its going to be a long wait lol. sucks that they can not give a time frame tho.

I just received my raise in grade. Took maybe 45 days or so, maybe a little more. Not a problem for me.

Ihave had a request for reconsideration pending since June, and new application for raise in grade pending since November.

Fire everyone at NMC. They commit criminal fraud every time they cash thier paychecks.

I submitted my application right after Christmas and I got the first letter for more information from the evaluator around two weeks ago. I expect they are still swamped with applications for gap closing endorsements.

I submitted for my renewal, and updated my medical, and was approved to test for CM/MU in six weeks. They did a great job for me.

I submitted my gap closing course certificates in September. When I asked where they were in December, NMC asked me to resubmit the certificates, and promised prompt turnaround. I have never heard a thing from them.

Fire everyone at NMC and return all licensing functions to the RECs.

I sent in for a renewal about the 1st week of Dec. I received email on 02 Mar stating the renewal was in the mail. (I haven’t seen it yet.) So, 3 months for renewal which includes taking 3 take-home tests and returning them. (I did them in 2 days then took 2 weeks to mail them back!)