Raise in Grade and Renewal...how much?

I am putting in for a raise in grade (adding towing) and renewing. I have a toar, seatime, drug letter, medical and twic to send in.

Do I need to pay $50 for renewal or just the raise in grade and issuance ($140) None of this is clearly defined anywhere I can find it. I don’t need any delays with submitting.

I would think both since they are two unrelated transactions, but I suppose you could call the REC you are sending it in to.

They do give refunds if you overpay (happened to me) but it takes awhile.

I don’t know a lot about fees apart from having to pay them every five years when I renew. But, if you do not renew you will get a sticker with the new endorsement and the expiration date of your MMC will not chnage. If you want an additional five years when you raise the fgrade of your endorsement(s) as was the case before the MMC, you need to also renew your MMC.

Thanks for the input gentlemen.

When I went on to pay.gov, it was actually easy. There are only so many check marks you can choose from and it turns out to be somewhat automatic.

Was kind of torn there between just paying more to ensure it goes through the first time against paying the government money for nothing.