MMC Renewal Quandary

I need to put up the old “bat signal” for @jdcavo, or anyone else who might have experience/insight into my renewal situation…

Mine expires 7/13/21 – I know, I should have gotten my shit together sooner…

I had HOPED that the “waiver” allowing sea service in lieu of a “Revalidation” might be extended, but after speaking to NMC today, I was told that – even if I choose the “renew now” option vs on the actual date – I cannot use my 360/5yrs, because my MMC expires after the June 30 date per the MSIB 08-20 (

That means I have to take a Revalidation class – $800 + 2 days, and more concerning is I can’t get into a class until early May in my area.

That wouldn’t be an issue, except I’m really trying to get out on a 60 contract by end of April.

SO, my question(s) to you all is:

ROUGHLY how long are Renewals taking?

Should I submit the application ASAP even though I won’t have the BT Revalidation cert until early May, or should I wait until I have ALL the docs needed?


In an effort to get back to work ASAP, should I/could I simply wait until I return from this next hitch, take the class, send the application, and just hope that I can get the renewed MMC within a couple of months, and ship out again late Summer or early Fall?

What happens if my hitch extends past the expiration date? Can I continue to sail?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t believe there’s a grace period on your license. It expires, it’s no longer valid.

JD Cavo hopefully can answer your question. Me personally, get your ducks in a row ASAP. Work or not.

My understanding is that expiring BT, Adv Fire, Med cards, etc. are bring automatically extended until October because of Covid.

I haven’t heard of MMCs being extended.

I don’t need to renew anything, so I really haven’t paid much attention to this. I might misunderstand about automatic extensions.

It’s no problem finding classes if you are willing to travel and take the Covid risk.

If you want a decent paying seagoing job, you have to pay for some classes. That’s just the cost of being eligible.

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My son’s MMC expired last November. Per the MSIB refenced above he didn’t need to take the Revalidation for renewal. His drug free certificate was still valid as well as his medical. The MMC renewal application was sent in January 8th and new one came in the mail February 24th.

October extension:
MSIB_08-20_CH5_Final.pdf (


Can you point me to a source for that info?

If that’s the case, I SHOULD be able to renew without having to take the Revalidation class until later this Summer…??

EDIT: Thanks for the link…If I’m understanding correctly, it seems that I don’t “meet the extension requirements” ie: my expiration date is after June 30.

True. I’ve paid for all of my classes out of pocket. My hope was that the June 30th date on the MSIB might be extended again…it’s a pisser that because my MMC expires 13 days after the fact, that somehow my BT skills are invalidated without having to pay $800 even though I’ve drilled more than the 360 days required over the past 5 years.

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I just submitted some stuff in late December-early January and finally got it back right before last hitch in early April. They’re pretty backlogged due to everything being digital.

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If you apply now and don’t have the BT revalidation, you will get an “awaiting information” letter that will give you 90 days to resolve the deficiency. I believe, but am not positive, that supplementing awaiting information deficiencies do not go to the back of the line with new applications. So you might save a little time by applying before you get the BT. Make sure your application clearly notes all of the STCW endorsements you need to renew. If you leave them off they may give you only what you put on your application, and then you would need to re-apply to add them back.

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It’s not a blanket extension. As Doublewide correctly noted, it’s only for MMCs expiring from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, and only if the renewal application was submitted before July 1, 2021.

It’s not the case. You had it right the first time.

I just renewed my med & MMD, it took less than 3 weeks from the time REC received it until issuance. I was within the requirements of the policy letter so I didn’t need the recertification.

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Get a physical and do the classes yourself, Advance FF Reval can be done online here

Lots of places do BST and it doesn’t take long. I got my renewal submitted 03/01 and issued 04/02.

Doublewide, I feel your pain. My exp. date was 8 July, so, finished my reval classes 10 Feb.
All paperwork was in to the NMC 12 Feb. Received my new license/med. certificate mid-April.
I’d wait until you have all documentation, as they won’t proceed without it. No Master will sign you aboard without a license that extends beyond your dispatch.

Did revalidation classes March 22-24 and submitted paperwork for renewal 25th. One class was full but came in anyway just to see if anyone wouldn’t show up. I got in :grinning:!! Took 32 days and was issued.

A quick UPDATE for those interested:

Things worked out just about perfectly. Per @jdcavo suggestion, I submitted application in advance of taking the actual class, and, quite fortunately, was able to take the class 2wks earlier than I had scheduled, due to a waitlist opening.

As soon as I had the certificate in my grubby hands, I forwarded to NMC, and rec’d an email at the end of last week indicating that it cleared all qualification checks, and was being mailed–expected arrival within 10 days…

So, from start to finish, the entire process will end up taking less than 4 wks. Gotta love it when a plan comes together!