1A/E Unlimited or 2nd Engineer Officer Upgrade Question

First Question: I am trying to upgrade to 1A/E Unlimited or 2nd officer upgrade. According to the checklist, I need to take ERM ( Engine Resource Management). I graduated from one of the Maritime academy in summer of 2017 after the gap closing stuff. Do I still need to take ERM? I have OICEW on my MMC but I dont have ERM and I thought that after 2017 all ERM was required with original licensing? I’m thinking that I took it and just forgot. I called NMC and they weren’t of any help.

Second Question: Whats the difference between Officers endorsement and rating? I need to take the 1A/E exam am I suppose to select the following?

Credential Category: Officer Endorsement Only
Type of Endorsement: Officer Raise of Grade $100
Examination/Test Fees: Officer upper level exam fee: $110
Issuance Fees: Pay MMC issuance fee now $45

Total $255 I thought Issuance is for original licensing only?

for the above, I could have selected Officer Endorsements and Rating Endorsements? I am not sure the difference. Thank you all for your help and assistance. Greatly appreciated.

Have you renewed your OICEW since it was first issued? If so, you should be good for ERM, if you were missing it, you would have had to show it then.

Fees apply for all national endorsement transactions, not just original issue.

You’re applying for 1st AE and don’t know if that is an officer or a rating endorsement? You should be able to figure it out yourself, but if not, 46 CFR 10.109 might help.


I have renewed my MMC. Does that count as renewing your OICEW?

Does your MMC have OICEW in it?

If you don’t know this I’m not sure you’re ready to be a first.



Yes, my new MMC has the OICEW in it. So, I should be good then?

Thank you all for the helpful comments.

A 1st assistant engineer should have a corresponding stcw endorsement of ‘second engineer’ if i am not mistaken. So when you upgrade, you need to ask for that. Whether there are more classes or hoops to jump through for that, i don’t recall.

There are. Courses and assessments. See NVIC 15-14.

Hi there as I see the things here, the better way is to hire an licensing consultant to help you out of all this , same I make for my application and looks that is the best thing that I make , Mr kakuska makes great job .

I have some questions if anybody can help would be much appreciated,just preparing also for my first time exams under uscg , previous was foreign , waiting for the latter , as I see is going to be for 1stAE .

Does anybody can share some info where and what I must read in order to be prepared for the exams , already studying in sea trial app for 1st AE that has two thousand questions for seven modules…?

During examination what can I take with me in to the class , calculator, any studying material …?

How many exams I will take for 1st license…?
7 modules 7 exams .?

When I complete my exams as 1 st assistant after 12 months of sea service I will be able for chief unlimited
License , then I must take exams again…?

Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance.

AFAIK, only a calculator. All allowed reference material is provided in the exam room and you aren’t allowed to take your own.


Thanks for the add …

If you are upgrading with 1 mode of propulsion, you likely will take 5 modules. Each additional mode of propulsion should add one module each.

REC’s are all different, but the one I used provided a calculator and scratch paper and had a wall of CFRs in book form available.