Tugs or OSVs

I agree. I am most assuredly not a sea buoy to sea buoy mate, either.

The Florida division is its own entity inside Kirby. Sort of like a forgotten and neglected red headed step child.

I just signed on with Foss as an AB. It’s been a rough ride up the hawsepipe and I’m looking forward to a decent check at the end of the hitch and an outfit that isn’t going to play too many head games. Anyone out there been to red dog? I’ve heard it’s a real treat :cold_face:

Foss has four boats and two barges at Red Dog. You won’t get ashore much if at all. There isn’t much there at the “port.” There is only about six weeks of the season left before the boats head for Tacoma. It’s a good job.

Any idea which tugs are on site?

Have fun, that is one of the better Foss gigs to have imo…

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Damn I might have to ditch this easy state job and go back to tuggin.

Deep sea second mate is about as chill a job as I’ve ever seen. I have way more of a life sailing deep sea now than I ever did on mud boats.


Iver, sandra, stacey, daniel. It’s been a rough year with a lot of wx holds

Mind if I ask who you sail with deep sea? (Union?)

I’m currently on the Daniel and will be bouncing over to the Stacey as of tomorrow.

tradsailior, Zenofdog

Could you share the company (Foss - Red Dog mine) beard policy and vaccine policy. Asking for the girly faced chums and some of the nancy boys on the vessel i’m on.

I guess I’m out of the loop. What are you talking about? What is a girly faced chum or nancy boy?

It’s closing in on the end of the season for Foss at Red Dog. It’s cold and breezy wintery weather already. Maybe another three weeks at Red Dog, then another month to get back to Tacoma. The Red Dog fleet will go into lay up until June.

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Sorry I should tone it down. I was wondering if Foss allows beards or if they mandate the covid jab.

Sounds like a dream job for me.
All I want is 4-5 months a year of work as deckhand / AB with a trimmed beard. Plus cold weather is always great in my book. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of any company having or enforcing a no beard policy in Alaska. Some of the oil transporters may have such a policy, and require respiratory fit test upon employment, but I’ve never heard of a no beard policy being actually enforced.

I do not know what Foss’ company policy is on vaccine jabs, but since they have over 100 employees, they are subject to Biden’s new executive order mandating vaccines at larger employers. Undoubtedly, Foss also bids on government contracts, therefore vaccine is required.

Forget this anti-vaxxer ideology. You will be vaccinated or you will soon have very few job opportunities anywhere.


Beard policy is= none
No SCBA on board vessels so no need to be clean shaven.
Vax policy is in alignment with federal contractor guidelines. I think deadline is 12/08/21 to be vaxxed.

How good is the pay for 14/28?

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