Feasibility of crossing over to tugs?

Hey all,Hoping to obtain some wisdom from some members who have experience with career crossovers or tugs, particularly wire boats. I currently work for an OSV company based in the GOM as an AB. Looking to hear some experiences with anyone who has crossed over to tugs and towing from another branch of the industry. Is it a feasible thing to do around say the age of 30 with some years in the 1600 stuff? How accommodating are tug companies to the advancement of hawsepipers? (i.e. training, promotions, etc)Just trying to get some perspective from people who have been there and done that. Thanks for your time.

A lot of us tugboaters are trying to get on an OSV down in the gulf. What does that tell you? As an AB on a supply boat you are probably getting paid the same as most tug mates if not more.

There was a time not that long ago that it was the other way around…tugs paid more than osvs. Could it swing back the other way? I know for wheelhouse positions it seems like it has gotten to be so competitive…a tough nut to crack.

I dont think it will. The offshore energy sector is growing and will likely continue to grow. Tug companies are tightwads most of whom will continue to pay the bare minimum that they can get away with. Also consider that an “old” OSV is ten years old but a “new” tug is often 20+ Guys are getting tired of working on old worn out rust buckets and see all the new builds and action in the gulf as a way to step up to modern times.

Tugs did pay a lot more than mud boats, as they should. Most tug wages need to go back up.

The USCG is no longer passing out licenses that authorize towing like candy, as they use to. Also, the tug companies are demanding more and more expensive extra training and credentials. It has become quite difficult, time consuming, and expensive to hawsepipe into Master of Towing.

I agree, just my company alone will see 2-3 very experienced guys with 4x my experience retire shortly. Who’s going to take my mate’s job? I will se there have been some reasonable gains but still no oilfield $.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I am where I need to be for a good while, just trying to gain some insight into future options. I appreciate the knowledge shared and advice.