Crossing over to tugs?

Hey all,

Hoping to obtain some wisdom from some members who have experience with career crossovers or tugs, particularly wire boats.

I currently work for an OSV company based in the GOM as an AB. Looking to hear some experiences with anyone who has crossed over to tugs and towing from another branch of the industry. Is it a feasible thing to do around say the age of 30 with some years in the 1600 stuff? How accommodating are tug companies to the advancement of hawsepipers? (i.e. training, promotions, etc)

Just trying to get some perspective from people who have been there and done that.

Thanks for your time.

The tug companies generally pay less for ABs so they are losing them to the Gulf OSV companies. Most companies don’t hesitate to hire ABs with no tug experience. They just tell the captain to train them. Just be prepared to make less money, at least for awhile. Some tug and barge operations will work your ass off, others are not much work at all.

It all depends on where you go and what you do. Inland, Coastal, Ocean? Whats your cargo? Most important your experience with the operation. Some advance well others not so much.:wink:

When you work on a tug, you work on the barges also. There is a lot going on WRT the barges that you might not find agreeable. There, you’ve been warned :cool:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I am mostly interested in the wire boat stuff on the West Coast and any of the ocean long distance stuff, but ATBs also interest me. Right now I am where I need to be career and pay wise but in the future I would like to get some experience with another side of the industry. Interesting to hear that tug companies will take ABs without experience. I have always thought tugs were boss and tug crews and capts to be some of the most highly skilled in the biz! Appreciate the insight and advice!

well we are on some aspects you have to be flexible most deck crews start out green but to be good wheelhouse an engineer crew you have to bring some skill to the table. Just like anything other job the paper don’t make the professional the skill he or she provides does.

Ill trade you jobs. You can work on the tug and ill work on the OSV.