Traveling Buddies

I intend to visit the 80 plus companies that I have applied with over the last 4 months starting in Jax FL with the Job Fair. Anybody interested in teaming up and helping with fuel cost? I am straight guy married 32 yrs and non-smoker. I will be looking for Mate position <500GRT and AB >500GRT so anyone else is welcome.

You had me at hello!!

I’ve done that before - gone to a job fair to meet-up with the recruiters for the companies I had recently applied to. They didn’t know what the f^@k I was talking about and didn’t seem to have any connection to really getting a job with them - just my experience, your mileage may differ…

Jeffrox, thanks for the input. I have never been to a job fair. Just figured it would be a good place to meet up with anyone with the same goals. I’m gonna head NE to VA, MD & NY if the weather is good, if not then Laud, Tampa and then W to LA & TX.