Applications sent, Be in Louisiana Monday!

Monday March 9,
It looks like I’ll be in a motel
for central location. I’m hoping for clean sheets and web access. I budgeted the motel thing so I won’t be living out
of the back of my truck.:rolleyes:

I’ve been banging away on the web researching these companies so I’m hoping the surprises are manageable.
I have my gear in bags and I’m ready to go all I need
Is the opportunity and a ride.
I’m looking for an AB spot on a supply boat.
Any last tips or information or leads?
This site’s been a GREAT RESOURCE!!!

Congratulations !
My recent experince reminded me to:

  1. dont get in a hurry.
  2. Say yes sir and mo mam.
  3. Dont lie on your app or resume. If hired you may have people calling every job you put down.


Good luck!

Thanks guys!!!

living out of the back of my truck.
I’ve been banging away on the web…

Ha Ha fun with quotes, I couldn’t help.

TJ, you’re ready…Knock em dead pal!