Finding a job

Hello. I have been looking for work over the last 4 months. Mostly in the maritime industry. I am trying to get into this area but have no experience in it all. I am located in central Louisiana and have read that I need to make a trip south to apply in person. Not that I am against this but I am currently unemployed and the meager savings that remain will allow me to make that trip and return home but nothing will be left. My concern is that it will be wasted money due to a lack of experience.

I do have my TWIC and MMC with ratings of OS/Wiper/FH. I am also 20yrs old and in good health. I have a work history but was terminated. This was at walmart with some of it admittedly being my fault. But some poor management went into it also. I do not have a BST. I know this would make it easier to find a job but do not believe my finances would allow it. If they did there would be no money to make the trip to look for work.

I am currently at a stand still with this and am looking for advice at to what my next step should be. Would it be best to look for local work till I can get my BST and then go back to job hunting. Or make the trip south to apply in person. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.