Transferring to tugs and looking to take TOAR

Advice for an AB limited transferring to tugs and looking to take TOAR I also work for Edison chouest with the hopes of upgrading to mate of towing

If the skippers on your tugs have a designated examiner approval they can help sign off. There is a school up in Rhode Island that does sinulator and TOAR. United States Maritime Resource Center

In this same vein, I’m also an AB, about to apply for Apprentice Steersman. I’ve got most of my TOAR sign-offs completed, and was wondering if I need to wait until I apply to get Mate of Towing to submit my TOAR, or if I can just send it to the NMC now so they’ll have it come the day, sorta like seatime.

I highly recommend against the apprentice mate route. Just get 2 years of sea time and get your 500 ton license and mate of tow.

Do you have a license?

It has been a decade and a half since the local RECs stopped evaluating applications. Along with the move of that function to West Virginia, they apparently warehoused all the old paper files on the mariners that the RECs used to keep.

Now from what I gather, there are no more files of seatime or anything else about you readily accessible at NMC. So I have to wonder what you think is happening to any paperwork you are sending to West Virginia not associated with a particular application.

Files are not maintained at NMC after the application is closed, and they do not accept/store records not part of an application. Records are kept off site and can be retrieved on request for your “legacy” file and that can take weeks. Just keep your own records and don’t expect NMC to do it for you. Ask Menizzi about sending records to NMC for storage. And if you do send them, make copies first. Again, ask Menizzi.

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Lol watch out that one’s a roller coaster!

I am studying for 500 GRT Inland and GL

Why not Near Coastal?

Oh yeah i can tell you ALL ABOUT what is saved…JACK SHIT. nothing/never not now not in the future not in alternate time lines/reality’s/universes does the nmc save a god damn thing.

The tugs I’m being sent to are inland

Don’t limit yourself though. You might want to leave and go to a different tug company at some point so you should get the biggest license you possibly can.

I definitely agree with you honestly I’m trying to get in as quickly as I can with the least speed bumps and before all the spots are taken so I can get a taste of that sweet dough then I’ll reassess and try to get a bigger license

I don’t know how many of us are old enough to remember, but there used to be something very satisfying about walking into a REC with a problem, introducing yourself to the man in charge, and then having him walk back with you to those rows of filing cabinets and pull a brown folder out that had your name on it.

It kind of made you feel like you were part of something important.


Just got my legacy file from them, so somebody’s saving something.

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I remember those days. I also remember moving and having requested my file be transferred to my local REC and they lost the file. Everything! I had to show my license to prove I was a Mariner before there was any effort to fix the problem. This has been a shitshow for me for the last 27 years every time there is a renewel or upgrade. There is nothing I look forward to less than dealing with renewels and upgrades.

No your Legacy file is sent to some other federal building just like my Sea service from the Navy was the Nmc doesn’t keep a goddamn thing

Why are you doing apprentice mate? How much sea time do you have and on what routes?

I thought I had to have 360 days with App. Mate endorsement before I applied for Mate of Tow. I know I have to work as a mate or master for 360 days before I get my 500-ton. How can I get my Master without actually being a Mate, and how can I get my Mate without first being Apprentice?