My renewal Horror Story. Get ready Boys


my book expired july 17 last year. I got my documents in continuity before the date. The Nmc finished processing it on july 14. I get this bull shit about how you missed page 6 and you need to send all 10 pages again. No mother fucker you lost it. So i send the pdf to the NMC as they asked. 33 days later today my shit gets to the evaluator. I just happened to call today to see what what going on because the website was down. I am told She has notes that she has no documents of my certs. None of my certs. How the fuck can this be you may ask. I was always told to mail them off to your REC so they can add them to your fucking file before the 1 year time frame is up. Oh no you have to send copy’s of all the stcw certs you want printed with your app. Because sending them to the REC does jack shit and they add jack shit to your file. The REC for me is the one in Houston Texas.

Oh And I don’t have a VSO cert because I am sure being in the navy for 4 years would get me that buttttttt I would have to clear all that other shit up first then when it got back to her i would have to make a request to pull my sea service records from the building. That also is more then a 30 day wait she said. Fuck me man, I never got my records long story i hired a guy to get them because i was having problems getting them my self and he had the records and sent them from his house to the CG. Then he died. I never got to see them.

So. I am now looking for a place to take VSO online. I feel like I am taking crazy pills

Advanced FF
BT refresher
Tankerman Assistant

You know the important shit was never logged.

Did you send them the certs as a part of an application or were you just sending random certs to the REC?


Sent Random certs to the rec. You are always told to send all your certs in before the 1 year time frame is up and you would have to do the class over again. Or so we have all been told. So why would i send them again with my app? What would be the point in that whole send your certs in before your 1 year time frame is up if it does not mean shit and its never logged to begin with?

That’s horrible.

As I was reading your saga I felt really terrible for you then got to the part with the other guy dieing & thought at least you didn’t die. That other guy really had it worse.


smart ass

Logical question, and you are right…but now you know for next time err on the side of caution and send everything in with the app. I learned the hard way myself when an evaluator said i was short on seatime (to me it was obvious i had the prior required time because of the license i held) and if i would have just sent the letter in again to be safe, it would have saved me a month while they waited for my legacy file. Stupid me at the time didn’t realize the files aren’t kept on site like at the RECs pre-west virginia days.
Same thing goes for the course certs. Send them in everytime. Another thing, fax everything in so you don’t end up in that file attachment too big in the email conundrum.
Look at the bright side, you will be better prepared for your next go around.

Didn’t the RECs stop being useful like 10 years ago? I was never told to send my certs to the REC and just hope for the best.

For crying out loud you have to send a picture of your TWIC along with your application. A database which clearly the USCG has access to since THEY USE THE SAME PICTURE. Send the NMC every scrap of paper you think they will need.


I am off shore now so it’s even more of a pain in the ass. Good news is some one from the house house was able to e mail me the documents so I can forward those to the nmc Today

This should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t - keep a copy of whatever you send them.

Fax? Are they still a thing? I haven’t sent or received a fax since the last century.

You can split into multiple emails. I don’t think there is a limit on how many emails you can send. I suggest including your name and reference number in the subject line, and if sending more than one email, number them in the subject line, e.g. “1 of 3”


Where could we find that out? I sent my app in a month ago and when I called before sending, I was reminded about the 8mb file size, which is ridiculous when you have to scan all discharges for a 5 year period and they’re all full sheets of paper now…

I am sorry but I had to roll my eyes several times while reading your post. I do not know who told you some of the things you believe but they are wrong.

  • The REC in today’s application process simply checks to make sure the application is in order and forwards it to the NMC. Why would they bother to keep anything.
  • What 1 year time frame are you referring to? Generally the requirement is the course be taken within 5 years of the application date. (Edit, see JDCavo’s comment a few posts down for clarification)
  • Only send copies of Certificates, never the original.
  • All required items accompany the application. To do anything else makes no sense. You expect the person who is tasked with evaluating your application to dig through your “File” to see what is there. No, it doesn’t work that way and never has.


I’m probably wrong. After more thought I realized it was course curricula submissions that were increased. But even so, you can split your stuff into more than one email.


Right. But it’s still a pain in the ass in today’s electronic world. There’s no reason why they can’t up the file size limit.

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With regards to file size, Medical Certificate submission is limited to 8mb. I would assume it is similar with others applications. As Mr. Cavo said you can split your stuff.

Seadog, I have been to many classes from mpt to mstc to qmt and to many others and they all say to send your certificate to the rec and or coast guard before your 1 year grace period is up. Having said that we’re did that come up who made it up why is it being told to students I have no idea. Call them an ask.

They might tell you to send it in, but it has to go along with an application. You can’t expect to just email a random piece of paper to a government agency and expect anything to happen.


Courses that substitute for a Coast Guard exam are valid for one year, they need to have been completed within one year of applying for an endorsement. First Aid/CPR for a license (not STCW) is also valid for a year. Most others are valid for 5 years.

Any time limits are for the date of application. Just sending them to an REC or an NMC without an application doesn’t stop the clock on time limits. It accomplishes nothing.

I don’t think that is exactly what they said. I am sure they said you need to send it as part of an application. But even if they did tell you that, they are wrong. How is that the NMC’s fault?

As noted above, most courses are not limited to 1 year. Also, the term “grace period” is the one year you have to renew after your MMC expires. It doesn’t appear to apply to what you have been describing.


I’ve asked before, Why do we still carry around all our certs If you were giving a MMC that reflects every course and endorsement you acquired, which obliviously you wouldn’t have if the USCG didn’t see your certs to begin with ??

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I tried that once and got burned, added days on tracking my emails on their end and resending on mine.
Since they want copies of your MMD with most transactions and I am dually licensed, that adds more scans and attachments. I got into the habit of going to a mail n’ ship, spending the 20 bucks to efax my stuff to the REC and save myself a headache.

It is my understanding we are no longer required to carry around all the certs if you are working domestically. I don’t carry mine in the states. While international you need to carry all certs with you plus a carton a cigarettes to accompany each cert to verify authenticity.