Now that I have my MMD book I am looking to get a copy of the sea service that the uscg has on file.

I filled out the records request form and sent it off 42 days ago. Just wanted to make sure this is the correct e-mail. Yes i know it is printed on the form but i don’t trust anything these days. I sent another request today.

This is just what passes for Government efficiency and taxpayer service these days.

I think I am going to have to sue for the records =(

Why? You have to tell the Coast Guard what your seatime is. So therefore you hold your sea service in your own hand.

If you think that whatever sea service letter the company “sent” to the Coast Guard on your behalf is what they use for seatime, you might be surprised.

680ish days came from the navy. i need that transcript. If i don’t get that paper i am going to be in hell each and every time i want to upgrade. fuck that.