Now that I have my MMD book I am looking to get a copy of the sea service that the uscg has on file.

I filled out the records request form and sent it off 42 days ago. Just wanted to make sure this is the correct e-mail. Yes i know it is printed on the form but i don’t trust anything these days. I sent another request today.

This is just what passes for Government efficiency and taxpayer service these days.

I think I am going to have to sue for the records =(

Why? You have to tell the Coast Guard what your seatime is. So therefore you hold your sea service in your own hand.

If you think that whatever sea service letter the company “sent” to the Coast Guard on your behalf is what they use for seatime, you might be surprised.

680ish days came from the navy. i need that transcript. If i don’t get that paper i am going to be in hell each and every time i want to upgrade. fuck that.

Small update.

After calling the NMC as my request was at 50 days now they did confirm they did receive the request but that it could take a few more weeks before my documents are mailed to me. So if you are requesting sea service records from the government it could take about 70+ days. I will update when the documents come


for example when i go to upgrade to 500T mate or when I even ask to test for 500T mate they are going to say you only have 90 days and i need to pull your file. Pulling that file adds at least 35+ days. That file also has all of my sea service from the navy all 680+ days. It is such a pain in the fucking ass making phone call after phone call to tell them to even PULL the file. They have no idea one even exists till you tell them to make the request to pull your old files. It really fucks you hard when you don’t have all your shit with you and you ask them to do shit for you.

I’ve only had to tell them once to pull my old file. Once they move your legacy file from the REC to the NMC they never need to do that again.

Well, Shit changes and if that was still the case today when I was given Ab limited 5 years ago then why were they asking for it again? If i have learned anything with this past renewal its that the uscg is fucking retarded but the med cert was my fault though. I am not putting my trust into the government…ever again.

I don’t think any of “your” files are stored at a REC. All legacy files are stored at some remote location (in Pennsylvania i think). NMC does not keep anything once it passes through the licensing process. Everything is then moved to this remote location. They have to request the documents from the remote site. Likely it is for security and legal reasons… Believe it or not, they can’t just pull up your file from some server.

As an individual who frequently makes FOIA requests to the USCG, the more specific you are AND provide the required waiver of any objection to the redaction of any information required by law to redact AND you make a guarantee of payment of a certain amount, the quicker their production of documents.

Still, depending on the complexity of your request and the actual location of the documents you want produced, a waiting period of 60 days is not unusual.

Mine ain’t the only request they are working on.

Did you learn to keep your own copies of your own stuff?


Geez what the hell are you asking them for? I didn’t think the USCG was involved in the Kennedy assasination.

Csusvi, I know this. The files to my understanding are kept in a federal building. Your missing the point because you did not read my other topic about my horror story about my renewal. The point of me making the request is so that they never have to make such requests ever again and that everything is given to them at one time. I know its not kept on a server or a website they can log into to view it. I know all of this already.

Yes JD cavo. Which is why i am requesting the hard copy so i have everything and can send everything to them my self.

@New3M Inspection reports, incident reports, MOAs, certificates of adequacy for reception facilities, etc.

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E-mail request was sent 5-9-2021
Mailed to house 11-5-2021
Arrived 11-9-2021

That is is current time frame. From my understanding talking to the Nmc It takes time for them to forward it to the records department to THEN start the 90 day time frame. O_O