Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


Those are all pipe dreams.

Union is a business, just like most everything else in this country. I have no idea why any one of them would have any incentive to swoop in on the crew of a shit company with shit vessels. PR gold mine? Dream on. I work out of port of LA frequently, going out with old dogs who know these waters better than their own asscrack and I have so far been the ONLY one pointing out at the green anchored turd of a ship in the harbor and telling the sad story of her crew. We’re talking about it, people who are related to the incident are talking about it, nobody else knows. And this is local!
Too much shit going on in the port.

Small crew boat companies? All of them here, with the exception of Sause Bros. are little NON-union companies that don’t care about anything else other than quick profit and screwing over their own employees.

Those unions do not really care to show you “non/anti union” mariners anything. It’s very simple, you either have common sense or you don’t. Seems like TAL crews didn’t, until it was too late, and they ended up paying dearly.

The fact that MEBA messed up is well understood. It is unforgivable and a colossal let down. I would love to research more on why. I also know now which union I wouldn’t ever join (along with a lot of others).


PTS is IBU and American Marine is SIU…other than that you hit the nail right on the head!


Didn’t Foss buy Wilmington? Isn’t Crowley there too?


Wow. That is a really bad attitute — as bad as TAL and MEBA !

I guess you guys in LA steam right by other vessels in distress too?

It sounds like it’s mostly a bunch of kids new to sailing on the Transatlantic.

Fraqrat is completely correct. MEBA completely pissed away it’s credibility as a union by failing to represent its member and pledges. It had an opportunity to get a lot of good PR and show that it stands up for its members. Instead MEBA showed that it is just the stereotypical bunch of money grubbing thugs scamming their members that does not give a shit about anyone. MEBA knows that it is dying and just doesn’t care.

The competing unions missed an opportunity to show the maritime community that they are much better than the worthless MEBA and care about Mariner’s welfare. Instead the showed that they are just different gangs of thugs. They know that they are dying too. The LA boat companies and Sauce have always been the West Coast version of the Jeaux Bawss bayou boat companies.

Apparently, there is no “maritime community” in LA. That’s more pathetic than TAL or MEBA.


Yes but he was referring to crewboat/launch operators.


I know TAL was sniffing around to tow the transatlantic to Oakland for layup never heard anything more.


Better to tow her to Ensenada for shipbreaking.


So are they just planning on closing?


Never heard what the story was


Oh, so AMO is going to bid for crewing for TAL then? :wink:


Rumor has it that the US country manager of ClassNK has appointed the honorable?? Gudmundur Kjaernested, VP and Co-owner of Transatlantic Lines to their North American Technical Committee which some might deem an honor? Others, not so much!


Why shouldn’t he be proud? Being named to the Technical Committee of NKK would be an honour for anyone.

NKK is the third biggest Classification Society in the world and a member of IACS in good standing:
He may not have a good reputation for the way he treats his crew, but that has nothing to do with technical abilities.

Why NKK wants to honour him is a good question though. He is not a major player in American Shipping, but maybe he has other activities that makes him “interesting” to NKK?? I believe he is still an Icelandic citizen and have businesses there.Although he is controversial there for his involvement with US activities in the “War on Terror”:


Regardless of their size, I was under the impression they were a cut rate class society, not a top tier one.


It is top tire IACS and Japanese. You must be kidding me??


I was just going off memory, plus the fact that TAL fired DNV to switch to them.


Maybe DNV fired TAL over unpaid fees?


The fact that DNV classed those old piece of shit ships that were incompetently managed really diminished my respect to DNV.

Maybe those ship finally became too much of an embarrassment for DNV.

Apparently Class NK knows no shame. No class society that would associate itself with Kjaernstead is top tier. At least not anymore.


If you are talking about Transatlantic specifically, here is her status:

DNV Class transferred to NKK after joint survey 19-20.03.17 (Normal procedure between IACS members)
DNV withdrawn their class approval 30.03.17
NKK issued ISM cert. 09.12.16 Withdrawn 11.08.17 for unknown reasons
NKK suspended class 20.06.17 due to overdue survey.

No reason given for class transfer, but I believe unpaid bills have been mentioned earlier.


Geysir is ABS class and according to Equasis class was suspended in August also for surveys overdue.
DNV, ABS and ClassNK are all top tier societies.


If I remember right I posted the Equasis page for Geysir earlier here.
Also if I remember right, NKK took over ISM certification for this one as well. (later suspended)
I assume that NKK took over all ISM and ISPS related certification for the company, not just individual vessels?