Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


The fact that DNV classed those old piece of shit ships that were incompetently managed really diminished my respect to DNV.

Maybe those ship finally became too much of an embarrassment for DNV.

Apparently Class NK knows no shame. No class society that would associate itself with Kjaernstead is top tier. At least not anymore.


If you are talking about Transatlantic specifically, here is her status:

DNV Class transferred to NKK after joint survey 19-20.03.17 (Normal procedure between IACS members)
DNV withdrawn their class approval 30.03.17
NKK issued ISM cert. 09.12.16 Withdrawn 11.08.17 for unknown reasons
NKK suspended class 20.06.17 due to overdue survey.

No reason given for class transfer, but I believe unpaid bills have been mentioned earlier.


Geysir is ABS class and according to Equasis class was suspended in August also for surveys overdue.
DNV, ABS and ClassNK are all top tier societies.


If I remember right I posted the Equasis page for Geysir earlier here.
Also if I remember right, NKK took over ISM certification for this one as well. (later suspended)
I assume that NKK took over all ISM and ISPS related certification for the company, not just individual vessels?


Date: 10/31/2017 10:51:52 AM
Ref: 7600176

AUCTION SALE - M/V GEYSIR (2,000 Dwt / Built 1980 / US Flag)

We, “Compass Maritime”, have EXCLUSIVELY been appointed by the Mortgagee to market the below Vessel for sale (via Public Auction) with the United States Marshal for the Middle District of Florida, in alliance with our partners, “National Maritime Services”. For good order, please see a copy of the Court Order attached hereto.

VESSEL: M/V GEYSIR (2,000 Dwt / Built 1980 / US Flag)

LOCATION: Front Entrance of U.S. Courthouse
Monroe Street Side, 300 N. Hogan Street, Jacksonville, Florida

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 commencing at 12:00 Noon

“The Vessel will be sold to the highest and best bidder, said sale to be subject to the confirmation for the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.”

A Brief Description of the Vessel is as follows:

GC: “GEYSIR” (ex. Juno)

Class: ABS
IMO No: 7710733

Deadweight: 2,000 mts on 4.53 m draft
Gross: 2,266
Net: 1,208

LOA: 90.07 m
Breadth: 13.72 m
Depth 6.71 m
HO/HA: 3 / 3
Main Engine: MAN B+W Alpha Model 8L28/32A-DVO, 2665 BHP Medium Speed Diesel
with Controllable Pitch Propeller, installed June 1999

(Details Believed To Be Correct But Without Guarantee)

Please advise further interest, thank you!


Best Regards,
Compass Maritime / Tommy O’Toole

+1 201 907 0009 - Office
+1 845 597 4150 - Mobile


well in a month’s time we will see if the infamous POS vessel get’s a new owner or end up being the bank’s to try to sell. I certainly would not want to be in the note holder’s position with this one at this time with the market for ships being so soft. The fact that GEYSIR has had its coastwise trade endorsement restored might help but I can’t think of any sector of the industry that would need such a ship now. Once Alaska would have been a viable market which is where the two sister hulls were converted to fisheries vessels but I don’t see that today. Could the GEYSIR be a viable vessel for Puerto Rican trade in some form of specialized service? Don’t really see that either with so many never and larger OSVs available for cheap. Remember that GEYSIR would need millions in work to make her fit for any job.

I say in the end, she goes to Brownsville and possibly sooner rather than later.

btw, any updates on the TRANSATLANTIC or still sitting in Long Beach at anchor?


According to Marine Traffic, it’s still anchored off Long Beach.


how is it that she has not been arrested already?


If there is a scheduled U.S. Marshal sale of the vessel (see post above), it’s already been “arrested.”


FYI… The Gysir that got arrested and up on the auction block. M/V Transatlantic is still anchored off Long Beach.


Most likely the official Owner of each vessel is a different registered company. (???)


The piece of shit Atlantic hasn’t moved a meter.


That’s irrelevant with regard to arresting a vessel. To arrest a vessel, you need an action in rem, that means the ship is the defendant. The tangled web of ship ownership is why proceedings in rem exist, arrest the vessel and if the true owner wants the ship released and back in service, they have to come forward, post a bond to cover the damages alleged by the plaintiff, and defend the claim. If they don’t come forward to answer for the vessel, it’s sold and the proceeds distributed to lien holders in order of priority. Seamen wage claims generally have the highest priority after payment of substitute custodian and administrative fees.


Except they’re is not, that anyone has posted proof of, a scheduled sale of the Transatlantic.


I believe he was confusing the TRANSATLANTIC with the GEYSIR


Right. If I were to speculate on why it’s not arrested, perhaps either no one has filed an action against the vessel yet, or they have and the owner is also named as a defendant. It’s not uncommon to name a vessel as an in rem defendant and not serve the vessel, at least at first, in order to save on advancing custodian fees. If the vessel’s not likely to leave the area of the Court’s jurisdiction, this isn’t necessarily a bad strategy. If there’s no work for the vessel and it’s not going anywhere, arresting it isn’t likely to compel the owner to do anything.


A friend of mine aboard TRANSATLANTIC posted this photo to Facebook on 29 Sept.


Exactly. Each ship is a legal entity, thus a claim against one ship does not affect other ship under same management, but different official Owner.
IOW, because one ship is in array it doesn’t follow that another ship under same management can be arrested.

In this case; just because Gaysir is arrested it doesn’t follow that the Transatlantic should (or could) be arrested without a separate claim, or cause.


thank you for wise and knowing answer Herr Professor Obvious


Does anyone have any reliable information into what’s going on?

I’ve heard third (maybe fourth) hand that the bank bought both(?) ships super cheap from the US Marshall’s auction and that the company is just dissolving.