Back in Southn Cal. Anyone here of leads for employement for a 1600T Oceans holder

Back in Southern California and looking for work. Anyone here of leads for employment? Non union member

It is looking pretty grim down here. I recently went down to all three union halls IBU, SIU, and MMP all three said no work and the guys at the SIU hall have been sitting there for a year. I am going around some of the local non union companies this week but am sure will get the run around although I dont have Oceans you might have a better chance than me. Good luck and if you hear of anything I would greatly appreciate some feedback I am getting tired of the gulf.


American marine corporation was looking for tug mates with1600 ocean. try to get a hold of Megan in their los Angeles office if you have your TOAR or MOT. Good luck. their website is

Will do thanks for the heads up!