Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


The punishment being to return on his own American ship, or to return to Iceland at all??




Maybe the first, but returning to Iceland??:


He obviously wants to be here so deporting him would be a punishment. Make him go via the Transatlantic, going west from LA.


OK, but a bag full of money MAY help to soften the punishment??


Sadly it would. It would be nice if the government would use asset forfeiture for a good cause for a change.


Way to easy of a punishment in my opinion. It should either be sewage system detail, endlessly cleaning rose boxes, or mucking the chain locker. Or all three in a constant rotation with the crew getting a chance to drop trow and use the spill pipe “egyptian style” while he is in the chain locker.


Any news if this company has been "scuttled " yet?
Think we all agree it should be; with ownership on board.


The last we heard they paid all the crew in an attempt to get their certificates back.


Not entirely accurate.
But things are progressing


What happened to the crew being entitled to additional/penalty pay for being paid so late?


Can’t attest to any of that


The relevant federal statutes give the crew the right to sue for penalty wages, plus attorneys fees. A judge is authorized to order up to triple damages, plus attorney’s fees, but there is no guarantee that the judge will actually order the company to pay that amount.

Connecticut may have a state statute that also gives an employee the right to sue for penalty wages and attorney fees, but I’m not familiar with Connecticut law.

If Transatlantic files for bankruptcy, the crew might not be entitled to penalty wages under bankruptcy law because the penalty wages would be paid from money that is subject to the conflicting claims of other creditors.

Let’s face it, the type of guys who were working for Transatlantic and remaining on the ships without pay for months, are not smart enough, persistent enough, and don’t have cash enough, to pursue a lawsuit for penalty wages.




What is this, a scab hotline now?




Transatlantic is a MEBA company, not that MEBA did very much for their members and pledges.


Meant to be a response to fraqrat, not sure what he was trying to say there


I wonder what number of crew members MEBA actually represented?


MEBA won the election and the NLRB certified MEBA as the exclusive collective bargaining agent to represent ALL employees on the ship.

It sounds like MEBA did provide some assistance to some employees, but overall MEBA did a really pathetic half-ass job.