Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


On which vesse?




What’s going on with Geysir. Did they pay the crew?


A BIG Thank You to the CT Dept of Labor for making a personal visit to Gudmunder… for making him realize he was a criminal and would be punished to the full extent of the law with JAIL TIME!! Word has it that he paid his crew and then went on a nice vacation. Hmmmm… Somehow came up the $$ and paid the crew… Maybe cancelled his yacht club membership or took a LOC on his 2.1M home… or ripped open his mattress to some hidden cash.


Don’t know about everyone else but my son received partial payment. Following up with CT DOL.


Maybe a visit from Guido would work better.


Call them ASAP… 860-263-6602


This is another example of where the employee protections under state law can be more effective than the federal seamen’s remedies. The main difference is that the state actually enforces state law, where federal law just give seamen a right to sue. The crew should also should be glad that TAL is based in employee friendly Connecticut, instead of vessel owner friendly Louisiana.


If he hasn’t been fully paid, you could file a Notice of Claim of Lien against the vessel.


Yes. File the lien.

Some may remember that I suggested six weeks ago in the Mariner’s Rights thread that: the crew file liens with the USCG, send copies of the liens to the bank demanding payment, and file complaints with the California, Connecticut, and federal departments of labor.


My son received the balance of his wages due today. Hope everyone else has been paid in full.

Real justice should involve the owners having to live onboard until all issues (financial and otherwise) are resolved.


Glad to hear… I agree they should have to live onboard the way he left his crew…without water, food and supplies!


Unfortunately, the US Constitution forbids the government from exacting “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Otherwise, he should be forced to return to Iceland on his own ship.


You would think the crew is still owed a substantial amount of money for penalties for such a late payment of wages. After over two months of waiting, and struggling to get by, getting only what was originally owed seems extremely unfair.


Give him a berth as an OS on the ship and put him on needle gun duty for as long as it takes for his lawyers to transfer the funds to pay off all of his debts. Shouldn’t take long. Somebody at MSC was either asleep at the wheel or complicit in abetting this fiasco.


I know, right? He gets by withholding money, using it for other purposes and effectively earning him more money by having it, he should owe interest for beach of contractual payment of wages.


The punishment being to return on his own American ship, or to return to Iceland at all??




Maybe the first, but returning to Iceland??:


He obviously wants to be here so deporting him would be a punishment. Make him go via the Transatlantic, going west from LA.