Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


I heard that same thing on the Geysir for the Coastwise endorsement.


there might have been a time when having that could triple the vessel’s value but with the downturn in the overall maritime industry, I seriously doubt that there will be any takers for a ship so old and in such poor condition. If she had work then she is worth money but with no job then she is worth scrap and little else.

as far as being a conversion prospect, I also seriously doubt anyone would look once at her. Too many far newer OSVs available and not that much conversion activity these days anyway.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, the Transatlantic was on the hook. My ship was doing the maneuvering out of LA.


Those “private laws” passed by Congress that “naturalize” a foreign built or foreign owned vessel are not very plentiful, but not as uncommon as people think.

I believe there is now a special (and fairly simple) process where the USCG can grant waivers for small foreign built vessels so that they may be reflagged US and carry up to 6 or 12 passengers for hire, depending on vessel size.

It is however quite rare for a “deep sea ship” over 1600 tons to be “naturalized”. I suspect that Geysir’s application was probably supported by the MSC and helped significantly by the fact that she was US built.


I have been informed that non payment of wages is a VIOLATION OF LAW (STATUTE 3171B). If he does not pay his crew, he will get arrested. You MUST fill out this form and call 860-263-6602. There have already been a few forms received. He will not get away with this!!! The more complaints filed, the Better.STATEMENT OF CLAIM FOR WAGES.pdf (84.7 KB)


Here is the penalty statute for not paying wages 3171G…

Sec. 31-71g. Penalty. Any employer or any officer or agent of an employer or any other person authorized by an employer to pay wages who violates any provision of this part: (1) Shall be guilty of a class D felony, except that such employer, officer or agent shall be fined not less than two thousand nor more than five thousand dollars for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is more than two thousand dollars; (2) may be fined not less than one thousand nor more than two thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is more than one thousand dollars but not more than two thousand dollars; (3) may be fined not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than six months, or both, for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is more than five hundred but not more than one thousand dollars; or (4) may be fined not less than two hundred nor more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than three months, or both, for each offense if the total amount of all unpaid wages owed to an employee is five hundred dollars or less.


Purportedly they are getting underway for sea trials on Thursday.
Not sure who or what the trials are for.


what I would like to know is why the TRANSATLANTIC has not been arrested yet?


I’ve been told they will arrest the ship when it pulls into port.


Don’t fucking warm them, now they’ll just dinner to a foreign country.


USCG has withdrawn the DOC, classnk has invalidated SMC and MLC SOVC for both Geysir and Transatlantic. Impossible for the ship to legally trade until all are re-validated. Requires company audit by RO (NK) witnessed by USCG and additional shipboard audits for each ship by RO (NK) witnessed by USCG. That has not happened.

Heard that USCG has stopped all their inspections until TAL pays them for their past inspection which were in vicinity of $50k past due


At this point, the flush has been pulled and TAL Is just circling the drain. It’s no longer operating. The owners are trying to liquidate TAL’s other assets before creditors can seize them. TAL is not going to try to send the ships anywhere. They are done.

One thing to remember, this TAL fiasco is an extreme aberration. This type of crap doesn’t even happen on fishing boats anymore.


Unfortunately it is not an extreme aberration, it is an all too common occurrence within the FoC community with 3rd world crews and corrupt owners operating under maritime administrations more interested in generating cash flow than ethical standards.

Even more unfortunately, the description above now applies to (purportedly) American shipowners and operators. It should have been impossible for a company like Transatlantic to operate for so many years with such a well documented history of unseaworthy ships and working conditions that we normally associate with FoC rustbuckets. The blame for this debacle lies squarely on the shoulders of the USCG, MARAD, TransCom, and the Department of Defense who knew exactly who and what they were dealing with while handing over taxpayer cash to a foreign carpetbagger.

If shame and accountability were not among the attributes abandoned by politicians and regulators there would be more than a few resignations and dismissals in the agencies charged with oversight of Transatlantic’s activities.

TAL has given us a peek at the future of the American merchant marine under an increasingly corrupt and uninformed political regime.


I’m fairly certain there was an implied “in US flag shipping” in his statement. We’re all aware that this goes on somewhat regularly on foreign POS ships.


Even with voluntary MLC, the company very well could have P&I coverage for abandoned crew which came into force 1 January 2017.

The P&I club may help with provisions, repatriation etc…Crew needs to act quickly to notify the P&I club whomever it may be


Well, The latest, The senior officers were paid yesterday, and the water barge is tied to the M/V Transatlantic as I type this. Someone(secretly) is planning to have the vessel sail to a different location. It’s sounds like a few senior officers have been “behind the scenes” aiding and abetting the owner.


What morons. Got paid… Time to get off! Leave the loser to fend for himself!


For Christssake, will someone please put this horrible zombie company out of everyone’s misery.


Why does your statement make his false? He didn’t say no one else has been paid.


Well, I talk to my shipmates, the debt was settled with the rest of us today Monday, August 28, 2017, just in time. Minus I’m assuming a giant gift tax. But this has taught us all. I think the slime ball paid up because the feds were now looking at/for him. There are some who, after this fiasco, wanna board again. I pray they get some sense.