Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


The Tranny hasn’t had cargo onboard since July 3rd at least.
And probably a lot longer before that.


What’s Gundy’s home number?
I’d love to have a chat with him or his wife.
I’m one of the ‘lucky ones’.
I only wasted twenty one days of my life on that ship.


Gundy and friend had petition heard by planning and zoning in July. Wonder when that process started? Fairly good indication of their exit strategy from the shipping business.


If we can talk via private message I can give you some info


I’d like to hear too. Feel free to PM me


I’ll pm you


Here is an article from tradewinds dated August 15, 2017 regarding the MV Transatlantic.

A general cargoship owned by TransAtlantic Lines remains under a “no sail” order from the US Coast Guard. But the company says it is repairing the deficiencies found aboard the vessel.

The 5,100-dwt Transatlantic (built 1997) has been at anchor at the port of Los Angeles since 1 June, according to AIS Tracking data. The US Coast Guard Captain of the Port of Los Angeles - Long Beach issued a no sail order in June due to deficiencies found on board during an inspection, according to Public Affairs Officer Mark Barney.

He says inspectors found that the ship’s backup diesel generator was not working, as well as other problems found on board. He did not have details of other deficiencies found in the inspection.

“The generator was the main thing,” Barney said. “Once they discovered that the generator wasn’t working, they looked for other deficiencies on board.”

Australian port state control cited the Transatlantic for seven deficiencies when the ship made call at Darwin in April, according to Equasis.

In a statement, the Greenwich-based company says the “Transatlantic recently completed a charter for the Military Sealift Command from Japan to the US West Coast and is currently undertaking maintenance.”

The Transatlantic has had previous run-ins with the US Coast Guard. In February, the USCG sent a letter to the owner saying that deficiencies found aboard both the Transatlantic and the 2,000-dwt Geysir (built 1980) were “objective evidence” that the company’s safety management system may be inadequate.

The Geysir itself remains under arrest in Florida following a dispute over unpaid bills.


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He also appears to have other shipping companies, this one he uses his actual home address for the business address.

Tactical Shipping LLC
332 Field Point Road
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: (203) 622-6206

Tactical Shipping LLC is a privately held company in Greenwich, CT and is a Single Location business.
Categorized under Deep Sea Foreign Transport of Freight. Our records show it was established in 2012 and incorporated in Connecticut. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 152262 and employs a staff of approximately 3.

Tactical Shipping LLC
Phone: (203) 622-6206
Name: Gudmundur Kjaernested


And his other company…

Company Name:
6 Lincoln Ave
City: Greenwich
State: Connecticut
Zip Code: 06830-5751
Phone: 203-625-5514 x104
Fax: 203-863-9354
Contact Person:
Legal Structure: Corporation
Year Established: 1996


I never have known is the little POS actually owned or operated other non US flag ships or not? If he does then he is obviously more than solvent and only abandoning his US ships to escape declining MSC revenues, increased USCG regulation and the spectre of having to enter into a union contract.

in any event, he did list the TRANSATLANTIC and the GEYSIR both at back in July

oddly that he has the TRANSATLANTIC for outright sale but the GEYSIR for charter only and they also say the GEYSIR has a coastwise trade endorsement…bet he had a congressman sneak that one into a CG authorization sometime ago when no one was looking


I assume the Geysir has “coastwise trade endorsement” due to being built in the U.S. and has always been flagged U.S.


Built? Yes. Always flagged? No.


im sure this has been covered here but I’m too lazy to search, but I was under the impression that it didn’t matter if the vessel was out flagged during her lifetime so long as it was us built, us owned, and us flagged it was Jones act compliant.


Generally, flagging out results in permanent loss of Jones Act privileges. There are some exceptions.


Thanks good sir!


The entire history from beginning to disgusting end is evidence of the decline of the USA’s maritime status to that of a lower tier third world country aided and abetted by the USCG and classification society. That the sailors on board had to endure all this crap and no regulatory agency stepped in is disgusting. The USA has devolved into a kleptocratic oligarchy with nothing to brag about but the world’s most expensive military [that can’t win a war].


Any update on the ships or crews on board?


Not much change on Geysir.


I was told that some appropriations bill had language exempting them and putting them back in Jones Act trade.