Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


More than 9


What were the discrepancies that was holding the ship? Was specific equipment missing or non-functional?


The minimum manning is 15.

1 Master
3 Mates
1 Chief Engineer
2 Assistant Engineers
6 Able Seamen
2 Oilers

TAL rarely ran the vessel with more than the minimum.


no stewards?


No steward required. They hire a cook with an AB document so the deck crew only has 5 people.


Wow, I am amazed at how little money it took for KJAERNESTED, GUDMUNDUR to wiggle his way into government contracts. Besides the fact that his friend from college had contacts from high places through daddy.

According to this website he donated money to four politicians in recent years, for a grand total of $6000. (Although he could of gave them considerable amounts of cash/used their cousins companies for renovations that never happened in his home etc).

He donated money to Senator Richard Blumenthal, who is of course on the Subcommittee of everything related to military contracts and maritime.

He also donated money to Senator Corey Booker, who is also on a Subcommittee related to Maritime. What a coincidence.

Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Corey Booker are just as much scum as KJAERNESTED, GUDMUNDUR.

Me and my family are bottom feeding fish in NYC. My family member cleans for WASPS, and this sort of practice is all too common. They participate in banquets, non profits, rub peoples backs, have secret dinners with senators, bribe school board members to admit their half wit children, and take helicopters to their house in the Hampton.

Upper levels of society are full of this sort of shit. I hope they die miserable with all their power, money and influence.


My son was one of the four that got off this week. All the bad mentioned here is true, plus some! He has been on the ship since May. He was fearful if he left before his contract was done, he would never get paid, and was hopeful with the same promises made to pay him. He is owed a lot of money. Owner not answering calls from ship. The Conditions are Criminal… No Water, Minimal Food and No Supplies for weeks. I would advise the father on this feed to get his son off the ship and have him report his lost wages. A lawyer from the union… ask for Kathy (212-962-1590)is gathering info from the crew members, and last we spoke, the “Transatlantic” will be towed in and arrested. We placed a call to the Department of Labor in CT. They are aware and said it is now a Federal issue, and referred us to the Federal Dept. of Labor in CA (213-430-9341). They have an Active Investigation and are taking information from the crew on their lost wages. OSHA is now also involved in regards to the criminal conditions this crew had to work under. Also, got the home number of Goodmundar. His wife tried to blame the USCG for holding up the ship so it couldn’t make any money…. She got an earful about the real situation, and I’m sure he’s not happy about that.


My son is off headed to take physical to start with a new company. He confirms just about everything with regards to conditions on board, promises about pay, lack of corporate response to issues. Guess Gundumur hasn’t been truthful with the wife.
Anyone surprised?


Does the ITF have a presence in the USA?

The saying that Europe has Laws and America has Lawyers seems pertinent in this case.

In the UK we are in the process of seizing vessels when appropriate - where Admiralty Law prevails, mainly in ex commonwealth nations, arresting a vessel is straightforward with the Admiralty Marshal serving a Notice of Attachment. (I even got one once on a matter unrelated to the ship)


Arresting a ship here is pretty much the same in the US as in the UK and Commonwealth countries. It’s easy.

The vessel arrest problem in the US arises not from laws, or court rules, but from a rule made by the bureaucrats ar the US Marshalls Office. The time involved and the costs of husbanding a ship can be high. The Marshalls Office is not properly funded by Congress. It does not have enough staff or money to cover the post-arrest costs of holding a ship. Therefore they came up with rules for the appointment of “Substitute Custodians” to care for the ship, and the requirement that the claimant seeking the arrest post a “bond” (it’s not really a bond, it’s an advance of anticipated expenses) to cover the cost of keeping the ship while under arrest. This in effect deprives the crew and other small claimants from having a practical remedy.


More reasons why readers need to contact the Greenwich city leadership to make sure Goodmundar doesn’t get away with hiding his assets in that real estate transfer deal.

MSC, MARAD, and all the bureaucrats who gave TAL those contracts knew the history of this man and his fake company. Let your congressman know what is going on. Make noise about this latest race to the bottom story.


call the US Attorney in Bridgeport, CT and ask them to investigate this miserable POS for violations of federal law and fiscal malfeasance

nothing better than to see this little cretin in the pokey one day soon!


Let’s hear more from the guys who were actually onboard during the past few months.

Why did it take Geysir a month to cross the Atlantic? What were the “horrific” conditions onboard? Why are some of the crew remaining aboard? What are the difficencies that USCG found on Geysir?

Is there still government cargo aboard the Transatlantic? what are the USCG deficiencies? What is the thinking of the crew remeaining aboard? Why remain onboard?


What about that magic pipe case? Does the crew know of any pollution violations that they can report? Do they know of anyone lying to the USCG or MSC? Do they know of the company making any false claims to the government for payment?

Those are all things that the US attorney would really sink his teeth into, and whistleblowers that report these things are entitled to up to 50% of the fines. That could be very big money. I ordinarily do not approve of whistleblowing, especially whistleblowing for profit, but this company and its owners really deserve it.


What exactly if the union doing for these guys?


Calls made with NO Satisfaction or Direction: Congressman Jim Himes 203-333-6600… pushed us off to Attorney General George Jepsen 860-808-5318… pushed off to Assistant Attorney General, Sandra Arenus 860-808-5400 (had to leave a message)… called US Attorney in Bridgeport 203-696-3000 … had no idea what to do (told me to call the FBI!!!)


Tell the CT attorney general about the real estate deals going on … ask if it looks like hiding assets or money laundering.


To the best of my knowledge there was no magic pipe. I expect the oil-water separator wasn’t functioning properly yet passing the operational tests.


Did the Geysir add another mate? The two times I worked on it as mate there were only two mates and the captain.
This may have been allowed due to vessel not being listed with a gross ton over 1600. Rather, it was listed as 2300 international (?) tons. I was able to work as second mate while holding a third mate-ocean license.
The tanker TransPacific did have 3 mates plus a captain.


Not that I’m aware of. The guy asked what the normal crew on the Transatlantic was and that’s what I was giving.

Transatlantic is a container ship. The Transpacific was a tanker.