Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


surely they haven’t been allowed to leave the port?


Still shows them sitting in bravo anchorage.


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I haven’t noticed anything in the local papers in san pedro/long beach area either. I can’t recall anything like this ever happening in the port of LA/LB.


There really isn’t a local paper, we need to contact the Hartford Courant

Contact the Greenwich city leadership via:

And maybe NPR news people.

Let them know that crew abandonment isn’t just a 3rd world problem and the latest scumbag to abandon crewmen got rich off US government contracts despite a history worse than most of those 3rd world operations we all rant about.


As of a few minutes ago a local source stated that Kjaernested and his partner still own the property and no transfer to the new group has occurred.

If enough people tell the City of Greenwich about who they are dealing with and the possible (probable?) reason for the deal they will refuse to dirty their hands with the shitstain.


More likely the opposite. Greenwich would be better off with the respected Hebrew school next door taking over the property than to worry about what else, by whoever else, might be proposed for the property when Transatlantic goes bankrupt.


It’s a residence in a residential neighborhood … the worst thing that can happen is a school, the best thing is to have a family living in it. The neighbors are disgusted with the school idea.


I’ve been through plenty of Paris MoU port state inspections on a U.S. ship and can tell you there are vast amounts of subjective opinions by different inspectors. Part of that has been because it was a U.S. ship and they feel like they are “striking back” at the USCG for their own subjective inspections. I’ve been told more than once that since the U.S. is not signatory to so many IMO conventions, those are the ones the inspector is going to focus hardest on. On the whole I’ve had mostly pleasant experiences with port state inspectors in Europe. They are typically experienced professional mariners and their understanding of vessel operations is typically a lot better than the USCG who often have no actual experience in the industry.

I’m not going to defend USCG inspectors or their intentions. I’ve seen a mixed bag over the years, but the fact remains that the U.S. is a flag state that inspects their vessels every year. How these TAL vessel’s fell through the cracks for so long is a question that should be addressed legally. There are many parties caught up in this shitshow and all of them, excepting the crew, should be strung up for letting it get this bad.


US flag vessel operating companies need to be USCG licensed to operate, and the shoreside staff exercising operational control of the vessels also need to be USCG licensed. When there is a systemic pattern of deficiencies the USCG should suspend the company license, and the relevant shoreside managers licenses.


I just got off the vessel yesterday. I’m willing answer any questions? I’ve got time now…


Eagerly waiting for you to do a “core dump” of the whole story!


How small of a crew to operate this ship?


When I arrived 3 weeks ago. I found myself amazed that I was getting stares like “why the hell are you here man?” Upon interview with the captain, I was told the vessel ran out of drinking water days ago, the crew hadn’t received wages in 2 1/2 months, and food was getting thin as well. That the vessel was being held by coast guard for infractions, and it wasn’t about to move soon? Coming out with debt already, I felt like this must be the end of the road for me? With paying for my baggage at the airport, told that it would be reimbursed on the vessel once I arrived, I’m in trouble. Well, after a few days working and still feeling in a daze, the 1AE said enough of this crap. We’re not fixing these infractions until we’re paid? With me coming on as late as I did, I had just missed the Department of Labor visit, and the several visits from the coast guard.


You asking, how many are on now, or how many required?


Asking how many required. I believe there are 9 still onboard.


Are you one of the qmeds they hired recently?
So safe to say you weren’t warned about any this by who hire you? To bold face lie to someone and tricking them into this mess, what an asshole.


The geysir has been de crewed with minimal crew. There’s still cargo onboard but the company still hasn’t paid anyone.


There are six on board. I heard the crew that got off was at least partially paid. I think they are trying to figure out a way to offload the cargo that is on board. They are not going anywhere, anytime soon. But they DID get stores.