Tradewinds Towing needs an AB

Louisiana, United States

Seeking ABs for permanent position on board ocean-going tugboats making long-distance tows

Rotation: 28 days on / 28 days off (option for longer hitches if desired)

Please include copies of license and documentation in your submission

Medical and dental benefits provided

Paid travel

Email resumes to or mail to TradeWinds Towing LLC. 312 Minorca Avenue, Saint Augustine, FL 32080


If I remember correctly the pay isn’t very good but better than sitting at home

Tradewinds gets all of the interesting tows to interesting places. They are always going through the Panama Canal and heading down South. If I were still running as an AB I would jump on this.

I have talked to them a time or two and they really do seem to get some interesting jobs, definitely worth the adventure.

Any idea what the pay for AB’s is?

I think 200

wow and I thought mac’s pay was behind the times.