I just got married a couple months ago and am currently working on getting a PIC endorsement for my 3rd unlimited oceans license. I’ve been doing some research on ATBs lately and they seem like a good way to earn decent money with a favorable work schedule. Anybody out there have experience working on ATBs? Do you have any information you care to share regarding salaries, work schedules, the major companies (Bouchard, Penn, K-Sea, OSG, Crowley, etc)? Would I need to get a towing endorsement and, if so, how do I go about doing that? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


At Bouchard you would start out as a AB and have to work on getting your TOAR signed off, there are many differnt schedules. I believe all ABs at Bouchard make 243 a day with 45 a day for travel. You can PM me for any in depth questions about bouchard if you want.


Is Bouchard hireing AB’s rite now? And if so do you have contact info for them?


I don’t know if there are or not, the number is on the website just ask for personal.