Wanted: job recommendations

Hello all,

I’ve recently obtained my 500ton Ocean Master/ AB Unlimited, with pretty much all my time being on “tall-ships.” I just moved to New Orleans and am looking to work on tugs, with the idea that I can be on a rotation with a decent amount of time-off and decent pay. I don’t have any experience on tugs, and I would like any and all insights and suggestions of companies and routes.


You will need to get a job as an AB until you are able to complete a TOAR since you cannot work as an officer on towing vessels without that. If you definitely want to tow then print out a blank TOAR and go get a deckhand job. Work hard and after a few hitches start showing interest in driving and ask to be taught.

thanks for the good advice, can you recommend any companies?

It depends on what you want to do inland or sea going? You should make that decision first so you don’t waste any time.

You will work your balls off on deck if you go inland

Too late, she already lost them…

Folks, I’ve got nothing to lose. I don’t sit idle very well, I want to work.

I used to have a post here bookmarked with details of companies to visit doing the highway 90 to highway 1 circuit.
Can’t find it again using the forum search function.
Pack your seabag and start knocking on doors, let them know you have your bag packed and in your vehicle and could start RIGHT NOW.
Lather, rinse, repeat.
Best of luck to you!

What I meant was that if you want to work inland push boats then the seagoing tug and barge (wire boat or ATB) it’s not really going to help you that much to get a Job in the future. They are very different even though they are both considered Towing Vessels. Also if you do the push boats then your TOAR will be an Inland one.

I know that Lee had mentioned that awhile back. Do you usually have to make an appointment and come back or will some interview you on the spot? Do they ever get mad for you just showing up? What is the etiquette for this?

Based on my experience there last December and January, most will take your application and at least give you a few minutes of their time. My timing sucked, it was a bad time to be looking for work there, but I was in the area and took a long shot knocking on doors. A couple of companies told me to go fill out an application online and they would call if there was an interest. Still waiting on those phone calls … :smiley:

So did you get a job from that?

Nope, there were several HR people who were very nice, but all said there was no hiring because of the moratorium

A trip up and down the bayou is always worth it - you have to look at it as a long term investment.

Collect a business card from each HR person, and use it the next time you stop by. It will get the receptionist’s attention.

Don’t hesitate to get a haircut, and wear a coat and tie to make a good impression and set yourself apart from the others. Have your resume ready, and have a second sheet of paper with all the usual info you will need on an application: reference names and addresses, drivers license number, etc. And have your bags packed and in your vehicle.

If you don’t succeed the first time, if you can, try it again in a month. After a while, the HR people will know you on a first name basis, and know that you are serious.

I got on my first job when I stopped by an office, and they needed a replacement 2nd captain after one was hurt earlier that day. Another time I got on a supply boat when the second captain had to go home for a funeral. This past winter I got on with a good company by knocking on their door (again) and I had an upgraded ticket and GMDSS. So hopefully my knocking on doors day are over.

Good luck to you.

I hadn’t expected knocking on doors as a viable solution. Thanks for the advice.

I gotta think face time and a persistent demonstration of will to work will get you further than phone calls and emails.

[QUOTE=Flyer69;54145]I gotta think face time and a persistent demonstration of will to work will get you further than phone calls and emails.[/QUOTE]

Timing like luck is good too.

Central Boat Rentals and I think Carline Fleeting here in Morgan City/Berwick are looking for people now. It is local stuff but it is a start.