Bouchard pay cut

Just heard everyone at Bouchard taking a 18% pay cut?

That 18% number has been part of the rumor
Of pay cuts at more than one company.

Edit, I wonder if it’s the same dock guy at tremley point saying RTC, Kirby, and now Bouchard are all taking an 18% pay cut.

I’ll say it again, the towing industry is dying and it’s just not because of low oil prices.

Subchapter M will drive nearly all the mom and pops out of business, some for better some for worse.

I hope .gov enforces it on their own boats.

Bouchard is not offering the pay they use to. Friend of mine was offered an AB spot at 260 (40 of it is for “travel pay”). last I heard before that, they where over 300. not sure if thats true though.

Any local Norfolk guys looking for part times work, mates???

All new hires are starting out less (ABs went from 270+55 travel to 220 + 40 travel), Assistants are starting 100 dollars less a day. Not sure about other positions.

so what is assistant engineer pay?

With travel pay included, somewhere around 450

if its a 2/1 rotation that’s some good coin.

True. Most are Day for day and go ahead and take out 1k of that for travel back and forth for one hitch.