Asst Eng positions available

Bouchard Transportation is hiring asst enineers with emd experience asap!

I’m sure their phone is ringing off the hook for a license assistant engineer at $325 a day. Oh wait don’t forget about the $45 more on top of that for travel.

You should just say they are hiring for everything

[QUOTE=sirius proof there is …;64201]Bouchard Transportation is hiring asst enineers with emd experience asap![/QUOTE]

I’m guessing you got a job with them shoreside?? Possibly in HR? If so, Congrats. Psst. Watch your back. Ask around where your predecessor went.

I think she got a job at a shipyard.

[QUOTE=sirius proof there is …;64201]Bouchard Transportation is hiring asst enineers with emd experience asap![/QUOTE]

Even the current employees are trying to get away from Bouchard! The crewing for Bouchard as not been this bad in years and is obviously a direct reflection of the pay scale, benefits and 401k that have all been cut and butchered over the years.

[B]Bouchard[/B] is good for 3 things.

  1. Working long hitches in any position. ( despite their memo restricting mates and captains to 21 days max )
  2. Humor and laughs
  3. Mistreatment of employees and abuse.

[QUOTE=kfj;64229]I think she got a job at a shipyard.[/QUOTE]

If you are talking about Michelle she is in Florida.

Well I spoke to sirius proof there is …
he is a nice guy and he set me up with a brand new boat, and also Morty said that he is giving us all a raise on June 1st to keep up with our competition,
how much of a raise is to be determined.
so I am pretty sure the phone will indeed be ringing off the hook very soon,
everyone with the exception of (power230) send in your application’s now for asst engineer’s!


well i look forward to june 1st then

Man that cuts deep! Please let me send in my application! I’m sure it’s going to surpass my pay in the Gulf!

^ Lol, I was just teasing with you power230,you’re feedback is very welcome on this forum!.
I have also heard that the Gulf pays a lot more for “Officers” and “OSV ,” DPO captains, Engineers and such, … but as far as OS and AB’s are concerned no raises for them…
but bear in mind I am just a “barge captain” or (supervisor),
and the last time I checked, there is a “significant pay loss” between “Northern” pay-scales vs “Southern” pay-scales. ( minis -$200+ a day )
My “uncle” still works in the “Gulf” and says stay where you are, he is still being paid peanuts there.and he is a tug captain!
so while it is true, money is to be had for licensed individuals, we unlicensed deck personnel are still underpaid ,
and underwhelmed by our present chosen career choices, as well as our minimal daily rate…

~Safe sailing my friend~

Well we finally have a raise and deckhands only received $7, wow

But everyone else got 50 or 60!

Bouchard still has need for Asst Engineers, Mates, and Captains!!!

Stay away from Bouchard the Evil Empire.

This was just emailed to me so I though I’d post it.

[I]The Marine Engineering Department at Kings Point needs some engineers who are interested in teaching during the upcoming term (24 July to the end of October). Of particular interest are senior level sailing engineer. This is a good opportunity for anyone living in the area who is getting ready to retire to see if teaching might be of interest to you after retirement. Contact me if interested or any questions…or follow the instructions for the open registry for a Marine/Mechanical Engineer by clicking on the Job Opportunities link on the right sidebar of the web page.[/I]

To bad it’s not for deckies or I would have replied with c.captain’s email and phone number :wink:

Well the anticipation of a July 1 st raise is now over, and when looking around to my right and my left after hearing about our raises, I see no one dancing around for joy…

Well those of us with NO job right now would love the $7 or $40 bucks… Sounds wonderful to me.

[QUOTE=Rebel_Rider1969;71747]Well those of us with NO job right now would love the $7 or $40 bucks… Sounds wonderful to me.[/QUOTE]

So apply to Bouchard

I have 5/15/2012 @ 2:10 pm looking at fax confirmation…

[QUOTE=kfj;71752]So apply to Bouchard[/QUOTE]