Daily rate

Hi Guys,

I am working on a 200’+ tug as assistant licensed engineer of three on board. I have a chief limited oceans any HP ticket and you have to have a ticket to get the job. I am on $450 a day and they pay for travel. I am wondering is that good, great or just fair pay?

Thanks in advance for you post

Let me guess Crowley? Bouchard pays something around that

That is Crowley for sure and yea with travel included good pay! There are better day rates out there but stability is a bonus and with travel cost going up every few months that is like a bonus! Can’t wait to get my DDE unlimited and go work as an oiler over there! These oilfield companies screw use over everyday!

What does the Chief make?

I think its 600 or 650 at bouchard

What oilfield company is screwing you over? Let’s say he works 21/21 the difference between assistant engineer at $450 and OSV A/E pay is about $5800 a month. I know travel is expensive but with that money he should be able to absorb some of difference from company offered travel allowance. Unless you live in Timbuktu.