Tug Engineer Pay Scales

Recent Maine Maritime graduate (this month) with 3rd A/E Unlimited steam, motors, gas turbines and OICEW as well as all the other 2010 stcw ratings and medical PIC. I want to sail and have applied to just about every non union company I could come across (mostly tugs, osvs, and dredges). MSC and army corps are not hiring 3rds at the moment, MSC doesn’t seem like it will be for quite some time, as they hired 20 something 3rd A/Es in May from my school alone. Anyways I’ve got some responses from tugs and was just wondering the payscales for engineers aboard them, so that I can make sure my offer is in the realm of industry average. I know Bouchard is around 400/day, vane bros around 300/day, g&h around 375/ day. Any help on this would be appreciated, also any leads on some other non union jobs would be appreciated as well.


Posting public wages onlyn helps companies pay less in times like these,

PS, utilize the search function on here

Are you completely against Union shipping? (and why?)
If not you would have a pretty good chance at shipping at the MEBA

Almost everything in this country worth your salt is under unions brother.

Your rates must be for assistants cause they are low for tug chiefs.

Last I checked, G&H is SIU. . .