Engineer pay. A, B, C?

I talked to a tug company out of Mayland today and they said they paid,

@480 For licensed Engineers

@330 For A

280 for B and 225 for C Engineers.

SHe could not tell me what the A, B, C stood for, she didn’t know and is going to ask.

Anyone know what the ABC grade of engineer thing is about?

Wow, Must be grades of Expirence or Document.
Limited Tonnage, Unlim HP

Way back when, As a 2nd Eng Unlim/ (with Limited Chief Oceans) worked for Moran as Chief Engiener No assistant. It was a Solo job. Some of the larger ITBs had 1st, and 2nds with a Motorman/QMED. or some combination.
best guess. So do you have a licence ? if so what does it say?

It might have something to do with the size and HP of the boats as well. They might pay the engineer of a 2000hp boat less than a 4000hp boat’s engineer.

May also be if they are licensed (as you said), have a qmed/oiler, AB, or things like that. Some pay more for boats that go “outside” vs strictly harbor boats.

I hope to find out more today as 225 doesn’t cut it.

seems like a lifetime ago (and it was) I worked for McAllister for $80/day. 1996 -

Asshole Basic & Chump

Assholes get paid better? Or is it them getting paid more that makes them an asshole?

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[QUOTE=seriously;114625]Assholes get paid better? [/QUOTE]

That seems to be how it is here.

That’s funny. A B C…? That’s in line for a DDE 4000 at the top although I’m regularly getting 500+/day for my guys on Tugs. If they’re saying 225/day for a QMED… bottom end of the scale. Truly depends on what kind of tugs and what they do really.